viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012


By Salvatore Scimino
August 17, 2012

                      "Hocus pocus, tontus tabantus, vade celeriter jubeo."

                       Thomas Ady, "A Candle in the Dark," 1655

Source: The Womanly

It has been correctly said that man does not invent but only imitates nature. With an abysmal difference, nature´s inventions work for the mutual benefit of all of her creation whereas man´s work against the grain of creation. Wherever exceptions there might be they are there not to benefit everybody but only the pockets of a few  crooked people.

The process of polymerisation was already millions of years old before man invented plastics, nonetheless Alexander Parkes started his idea with cellulose to begin with. His "invention" has been one of the worst sources of pollution for Mother Earth. 

We have filled the entire planet with mountains of plastics. So much so that we are already eating plastic. We now live in a plastic planet. What´s really unfortunate is that we have put to tango the rest of the species without their consent, and in the process we have poisoned them. This is totally unfair and quite stupid.

We are still very far from being trully sapiens. More so than ever despite the grandeur of man´s latest "inventions". We have already taken the lid off Pandora´s Box regarding nanomolecules which are already pouring into the environment. Some experts believe these molecules will turn out to be more dangerous than DDT.

Thus, for the time being it would be best to call this arrogant biped primate Hocus insapiens. Because quite stupid is he.

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