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By Salvatore Scimino
August 3, 2012

"The loose string stretches but does not shrink without anyone touching it."
("La cuerda suelta se estira pero no se encoge sin que nadie la toque!")
         Erzherzog Salvator Joachim von Österreich und von Toskana

Source: Wired Science

There is not such a thing as reality. What we call reality is a construct of our brains. What appears to be outside is really inside our brains, the result of the neurons´computing millions of bits of information picked by our five senses. 

The sight of a beautiful landscape, the fragance of a rose, the gentle breeze touching our faces, the charming song of a nightingale, the flavour of sweet apple... everything is fabricated by our brains.

We live in a holographic universe. This is what science has discovered. Nevertheless this is absolutely nothing new.

Hindues have been saying this for thousands of years all along. That this world is Maya. That reality is an illusion.

We are here standing before two different ways of analysing the universe around us. The conclusion appears the same but the knowledge of the Indians is still ahead. Perhaps the proud Western science will require another 200 years to really catch up with the East. 

One used the intuition, the empirical observation of this world to reach the profound conclusion that the universe is an illusion

The other followed an experimental method invented by the jesuits, the scientific method. This method needed the accumulation of hundreds of observations gathered over long periods of time by hundreds of scientists around the world using their five senses or with the help of mechanical extensions of these, by this I mean the use of laboratory paraphernalia, apparatuses that are designed to mimick the very same senses that man has. 

The scientific method implies the need of vast amounts of economic resources to pay the wages of all of these experts. No money no science. Few scientists are willing to work for nothing. After all the idea of going to school is to get into the room of the so called "comforts of life" even though comforts are a thing of the mind.

It is obvious that the intuition method is more economically efficient and at the same time is able to penetrate into the matrix of life and that of the universe and still come to the same conclusion that science so painstakingly grasps and which still fails when trying to see the whole picture. 

The implications of the conclusion that the universe is an illusion are profound, particularly for the West. For one thing Westerners will never see things with the same eyes. And perhaps they learn to be humble, and best above all not to take for granted the "uncivilised cultures".

With this in our hands it becomes very utterly ridiculous for the human species (Homo "sapiens") to relate to one another with points of reference so minute like power, money, borders, nationalities, races, countries... 

How can you put anyone´s holographic brain in a bottle? Bottles like colour, religious creeds, languages, etc. A country for instance is too small to contain the vast universe of a brain. This is futile! We are all beyond borders indeed! 

One is all or all is one. This is quite beautiful!! What else can I say!

Now the big question is: Can we put it into practice with intuition, without thought patterns? Without the drunkenness of the fucking logic!

But who is sending the information that our brains constantly are gathering? Some people call the sender God, others a Computer Master. Nobody knows. Perhaps we might come to know who the Creator is with an open heart but certainly not with our fucking cold "hawkingian" logic! 

The following videos discuss this holographic universe. They fall short in many aspects but are interesting nevertheless:

ENGLISH (with Spanish subtitles)/INGLES (con subtítulos en español)

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