lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012


By Salvatore Scimino
August 27, 2012

                       WILDERNESS LOSSES IN NORWAY 1900-1994

I am a tree in the forest in Norway. I live in a community with my fellow brethren. It has been our way of life since the beginning. We are very generous and happy together support and enrich life on planet Earth.

Winter is the toughest seasons for all of us. We struggle to get through until the warmth of springs knocks at our doors again. 

But there is something more dangerous to us than the cold weather. It is man (Homo sapiens). He comes to the forest and invades our space. He brings noisy and polluting machines and wakes us up from our sleepy days and nights in the winter. Many of us are killed by him and will never see the happy face of the Spring. How sad!

We are alive just like man is but he does not understand our ways as yet. Perhaps he never will, for to sense our world in its full splendor he must let his heart speak for itself. Through the mind he will never experience our blissful state with mother Earth. 

We are the trees in the forest and cherish life to see the happy face of the Sun!

Is it that hard for you to love us and let us live our lives dedicated for everyone on Earth? 

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