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Source: W Radio 90.9 FM

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) states that is committed to the good care and welfare of the animals used in rodeo. Here it is what the PRCA says:

Livestock Welfare

"The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) is deeply committed to the proper care and treatment of the livestock used in rodeo. The Livestock Welfare Program is extensive and covers many aspects including livestock care standards, education, research, outreach and government relations."

Nevertheless, David P. Morehead, a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) stock contractor from Maquoketa, Iowa (USA) and in charge of the Three Hills Rodeo Inc. at the same location,  abuses and tortures horses

Morehead and his fellow workers (Video 1) give their horses electric shocks, delivering 5.000-6.000 volts with a zapper. They do this to agitate the horses mad with pain and therefore the equines become quite nervous and buck more violently and as a result the crowds get more amusement for their money.

This is crearly animal cruelty and this should be stopped immediately. What kind of people enjoy giving electric shocks to horses? Only psychopaths!

Rodeo business is cruelty business. And these animal torture "sports" should have no place in a fully moral and ethical civilised society.

                                                      Video 1. Horses given electric shocks.

Please write to the PRCA and demand they comply to what they declare regarding their commitment to the proper care of the livestock as stated by them in their homepage:


101 Pro Rodeo Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

PRCA HEADQUARTERS – 719.593.8840
PRCA Fax – 719.548.4876
Accounts Receivable/Member Records – 719.528.4747
Doctor’s release fax – 719.548.4868

Commissioner's Office - 719.528.4774

Karl Stressman...............................Commissioner
Anita Smith.....................................Assistant to Commissioner    

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