miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012


By Salvatore Scimino
August 22, 2012 (or so we think!)

Source: ScienceBlogs

Time is an elastic string. Nobody has ever seen this string and I doubt that there will ever be human eyes to see it. And yet it envelopes the whole of creation including ourselves.

Time is a wave. Nobody has ever touched its crest and I also doubt that there will ever be any human hand caressing its force. And yet it washes unto its beach everything in the universe including human souls.

Time is a whisper of the universe. Nobody has ever listened to its voice and I doubt there will ever be an ear to catch its magical sound. An yet it talks to everything that comes in contact with it including humankind.

Time is a vast camp where past, present and future play seek and hide and yet there is not such a game. Nevertheless we are all prisoners of it but fordidden to play.

Be it mosquito, whale, chicken, horse, elephant, weed, sequoia, star, man or egg all have different times but each cannot speak about it to the other in the course of things. 

                     A PIECE OF A STAR! A MIRACLE OF LIFE

Each is the conjugation of this endless game but never able to be a bystander outside of its cage.

What is time? someone asked St. Augustine and he said:

"If nobody asks me this question, I know the answer but if they ask me about it, even though I want to explain it I do not know the answer anymore."

You and I know about it. We have devised means to measure it but still remains a mystery.

Imagine you are in a battlefield where heavy artillery is hitting all over the ground around you or imagine you are a small girl or boy captured in a raid by powerful Aztec warriors and you are carried in a cage to their city to be fattened for a feast, then each second of every minute and each minute of every hour of your life at that moment would seem to last forever with no end in sight. This is hell!!

So it is with our brethren the Chickens at the slaughterhouse before man´s cruel hand severs their precious lives

30 seconds for a Chicken at the slaughterhouse is an eternity!!! It is hell!! And we can change that!! 




Chickens and for that matter everyone and everything but man that dwells upon Earth hold a secret that escapes our logic drunk minds. They are the gatekeepers of a mysterious universe beyond our understanding. 

Tell your mind: sleep... sleep, then followed by wake up... wake up... and perhaps you will open our eyes and start walking towards this Light. 

I do invite you to walk along this road. Your company along the way will make the stones sing should we ever travel together. You and I and everything else are one. 

We will not ever feel lonesome under the Sun.  Happy as innocent children before any unthoughtful society puts its dirty hands on them we will dance accompanied with Happy Chickens full of life until the wave of time reaches us and washes us unto its enchanted shore.

Dear brethren, please give it some thought to this. Make each sitting at the table a happy moment not just for you alone but also for all of those far away whom you do not see and suffer and live in hell at the factory farms because of your culturally imprinted and unhealthy food habits. 

Let us quit making each of our meals a dark chain of suffering and cruelty. Let us transform them into a truthful and blissful tide of happiness!

Together we can make this a better world for everyone!! Give joy instead of suffering to those who cannot stand up for their Rights at the factory farmsThe Animals, our bethren in the Spiral of Time.

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