domingo, 30 de abril de 2017


Don Chopo (Populus nigra): el árbol gigante de Jaca. Foto: Milagros S. Trullén.

By H.G.M. von Österreich und von Toskana, Gundhram Hammer, Milagros S. Trullén, Judith E. Ruíz Sánchez & Blanca I. Sánchez Ruíz
30 de abril de 2017

A tree is a marvel of creation. A tree is a complex living being. A tree is full of the essence of creation.

Miracles do happen on this planet. It is just that we seldom pay attention to them or see them as such.

A tree is an example. A tree is a miracle whose life force unfolds right in front of our own eyes.

And this is not all. Trees sustain our lives on this most marvelous planet!

So, can you see the Tree?  

Planting a tree... Plant two or more trees, and let them live 

Let us the Captain and his friend, the two witty caracters that once in a while pop in Gundhramns Hammer Blog have an opinion on this most importan topic.  

Mon Capitaine, faced with so many anthropocentric religions and millions of people approaching them and praying and preying upon them with egocentric intentions all over the world, at this point in time I think that one of the best ways to be religious is planting a tree, don´t you think so?  

Oui, mon ami. I totally agree with you.

And if you plant two or more trees you will be thus more religious, mon ami. Biospherically religious, that is.

Planting trees, and if whilst you are doing it you feel and see the trees as miraculous living beings on this planet, is an excellent idea to start reconnecting your long, long lost connection with Mother Nature.

But we are not talking about planting trees to make a lot of money, whether just to give the impression to the public that your company is “green” even though it is behaving otherwise, quite lousy, somewhere else in the world or to launder huge quantities of mafia money.

If such is the case, this should then be called mafiosation of the trees.

Obviously, this has nothing to do with religion.

Besides, greedy business pursuits whether legal or illegal can drown you in a cesspool of your own creation, where nothing or nobody else matters except grabbing and stashing away tonnes of “your” money which eventually and always stays behind you when you reach the end of your timeline.

No. No, we are not talking about that.

We are talking about a new vision.

A vision with a mission.

We need a new vision on what we cannot now vision because our mindless and greedy division, in a world where there is no true division, does not allow us to have this total new vision.

We need it. Right now.

We humans are in a cul-de-sac of our own making today. If we do not get this New Vision, we could one of these days face with our own extinction.

We need to set ourselves on a new course. Now.

A fully biospherically-spirited, biosferically integrated, truly sustainable, moral, loving and respectful-minded course should be our new mission.

But not just cheap talk. We as a species have done enough of that.

We are living in critical times and it is about time we quit talking and take action.

We all must act now. We already know enough to know what to do whenever and wherever we do what we do to do what we should not do and what we should do and must do.

Let us face it, we cannot just leave these most important issues about the anthropogenic ecological crisis solely to the whims stemming from satanic egocentric politicians backed by greedy corporations because their solutions tend to be only merry-go-round pathways which, when not biospherically focused, can only lead us deeper into a mess and thus to our eventual own demise.

If you are not adding to or doing something for the sustainance and maintenance of the Biosphere and those of your own surroundings, you are then working against your own species and also against the rest of living inhabitants on Earth in the long run.

So, seize the moment now. Assure now the natural bounty for future generations of humans and nonhumans. Do not wait any longer to do something about it.

Do not let your children face the point where there will be nothing that can give them something out of nothing, for without nothing on the planet (Fig. 1) there cannot be anything at all.

Therefore... Plant a tree... Plant two or more. Be biospherically religious!

And most important: Be kind like a tree!

Does the Tree not give you the oxygen free of charge?

Yes, It does! This is kindness at its best!

Rise from your own dark mire and reach out for the Gran New Vision!

And as you move along your own timeline, always focus your mind on issues that have have to do with this new vision.

As you unfold in your passage through this universe which contains us all, since you will be acting as a fully conscious and caring living being that puts back love and sustainance back into Mother Nature to make something out of your nothingness, carefully walking on an ecologically sound path as much as you can, sooner or later you will sense the River of Life itself to its fullness moving, the miracle within your heart. There lies happiness!

So, seize the key! Seize the moment!  

Do you see the tree now? 

 Have you ever seen a tree? Most likely your answer will be yes.

But if you haven´t seen a tree as a Miracle of Life on this Planet, you have not seen one yet.

Remember, culture binds us and makes us blind from day one. Furthermore, culture sculpts the perceptual brain” (Goh & Park, 2009). 

So, take off your cultural glasses, or at least try. Bring silence into your brain storms and then, find and come close to a Tree.

Do you see It?

Is It not a Miracle?

Do you see the Tree now, mon ami?

Oui, mon Capitaine! And there is nothing that compares to a Tree in life! A Tree is a Miracle! Indeed!!!

Do you see It? Yes, you, the reader?


We dedicate this post to Don Chopo (Populus nigra), the biggest tree in Jaca (Huesca, Spain). A tree whose life we, along with hundreds of Spanish tree lovers, have defended “a capa y espada” (all the way) from those ignorant and haughty folks who want to finish its life in the neighbourhood. We love this Tree! We love all trees! We love Mother Nature!


Goh J.O. & Park D.C. (2009). Culture sculpts the perceptual brain. In: Pp: 95-111, Cultural Neuroscience: Cultural Influences on Brain Function, Chiao J.Y. (Ed.), Progress in Brain Research Volume 178, Chapter 7, Elsevier, Oxford, UK. 316 pp.