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June 30, 2013

Source: Clyde Three Peaks Challenge Blog

Tears, danger and even death lurks behind the bush. The right questions for the right reasons to the wrong persons could mean jail or crossing the line of no return.

Guy-André Kieffer, a French-Canadian freelance journalist, has vanished from the surface of the Earth since April 16, 2004. Nobody knows what happened to him.

A small boy was able to escape from the smugglers and run away as as fast as he could but all of his efforts were useless. He was outrun and captured by a bunch of men mounted on motorcycles. The scene was like something taken out of a Hollywood movie. 

Children are captured like wild game and taken across the border to be abused and enslaved. Trafficked children cry and yell out for help but nobody is there to save them.

What powers this drama needs the tropical heat to be grown. Once prepared, it takes many shapes but always keeps its flavour.

Battles have been fought by men to establish its world monopoly in the past. And at the present time, there is a battle for the hearts, minds and consumer´s wallets in the emerging economies of the Far East (Allen, 2010). 

It brings sweetness to some people but to others is hell. 

In Europe, the humid tropical heat mixed with body odours, human ambition and corruption, smell of papermoney and the desperate cries of smuggled children is connected indirectly to a school girl that has just open her lunch box. 

It is break time and the school girl is hungry. She is also curious what her mother has put for a snack today. The box contains a sandwich, an apple and a bar of sweets.

- It´s a chocolate bar!!, she exclaims surprised. Her favourite sweets. 

She smiles as she unwraps the snack bar. She loves chocolate. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate muffins, chocolate milk, chocolate candies.... Nothing is sweets or desserts for her unless it has chocolate. She is hooked on chocolate (Fig. 1).

Figure 1. Assortment of chocolates. Source: Infinite Unknown

But she does not know what´s behind the chocolate bar she is about to bite. Would she care if she was told about it? 

Try it at home with your own children. But remember: It is your own example which counts best.

Let us explore the sweet connections we never see behind our chocolate consumption, around 8-10 kg/person. Let us take a good look at the dark secrets in the box. The dark side of chocolate:



Remember, sweet connections may take some humans high and others down. Check out the other end of the connection in your hand.

Examining our home connections with Earth and its inhabitants

More and more we are confronted with the tough decision of looking into what we eat each day. We must remember that everything is connected on this planet. 

Therefore, we cannot go about squandering natural resources anymore. Neither can we go about pretending to be responsible consumers unless we come face to face with the facts that our consumption can have a heavy impact not only on the environment but also on human communities as well.

We cannot act like careless consumers anymore. If we want our future generations to have a healthy Biosphere where justice and peace prevails, we must start right now by changing our consumption habits where needed. Simplifying holds the key.

We must care for others. And our caring must go beyond the borders of our homes, for no home is unconnected on Earth.

Have you examined your home connections to Earth and its inhabitants?


Allen L. L. (2010). Chocolate Fortunes: The Battle for the Hearts, Minds, and Wallets of China´s Consumers. AMACOM, American Management Association, New York, NY, USA. 244 p.

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