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June 8, 2013

Miranda Gibson has come down from her observer tree a couple of months ago. She was forced by forest fires which were set intentionally. She has said she will continue her campaign to protect the forests on the ground. Those amazing forests which are such natural beauties and give this planet we call Earth such a marvelous grandeur.

She spent more than 449 days high up on a eucalyptus tree and her message highlighted the destruction of the Tasmanian forests. 

Miranda Gibson is certainly a true heroine. She has shown the world and to each of us that one single committed person can make a big difference in the fight to protect Nature against man´s depredation.

We owe her a lot, for her message and her caring and love for nature. We do indeed hope the forests for which she has stood be saved from the chain saw. 

It is time for all of us to change our course before we wake up on a barren land, filled with hundreds of burned up tree stumps to remind us not only of our stupidity but also of our own coming demise. 

Here is an interview done to her in 2012: 

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