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July 4, 2013

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In a planet with finite natural resources and unforgiving natural laws, human overpopulation may prove humans fatal sooner or later. 

It already is fatal to too many species of animals and plants on this planet. Man has monopolised the entire world to himself, which will undermine his own ground to his own demise eventually.

Humans are working on it, tempting and challenging Mother Earth´s laws all the time. 

They believe that with love, even the impossible is possible.

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They are probably right. It is true, love is a wonderful thing. It is an amazing feeling, which is not only humans´ monopoly. 

Other animals have it too. And some animals many a time are way too far ahead of any human being when it comes to loving. Dogs, for instance, can teach humans a lot about love, happiness, hope and humility.

But human love without any common sense can be a bulky to move or a dead end machine. 

Now more than ever, humans need lots of common sense for the things they should have common sense in the unwrapping of their daily lives if they want to continue under the Sun, which seems that doesn´t give a damn about their common sense. 

Common sense not to argue whether or not they have common sense to think they have common sense but common sense to put their lives on a path full of common sense along the line of upkeeping and maintaining the Biosphere with solid health. A harmonious path with Mother Earth´s Ways. 

And common sense is a "species" that is on the "Red List" in the human behavioural repertoire, for not saying that is almost gone.

Just listen to the news on the radio or the TV to get a slice of man´s idiotic world, without love.

Man could come out of the pit, with love. With caring common sense as well.

The wind is blowing, the pine needles are whispering. It is cold, this world. The flame is flickering outside... Bring it in before it is too late...


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