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By Gundhramns Hammer
June 12, 2013

Man is a naked ape that has a lot of brains to come up with sophisticated techniques to bend nature to his whim but when it comes to managing and maintaining the overall well being of the Biosphere he is utterly stupid.

He is unbrained for what he should be brained. He does behave as an Homo insapiens!!  


The following report is clear evidence of this:


Lumberjacks From California

Dramatic photos show the measure of a man in contrast to the enormity of nature.

A series of photos from the Humboldt State University Library capture lumberjacks working among the redwoods in Humboldt County, California.

The photos are part of the Ericson Collection, a series of pictures from northwest California from the 1880s through the 1920s by Swedish photographer A.W. Ericson.

Pictures from the 1915-era display the work of loggers in the densely forested northern California area, that accounts for twenty per cent of the state's total forest production.

Humboldt County has nearly 1,500,000 acres in public and private forests, including the Redwood National and State Parks.

Lumberjacks From California

Lumberjacks From California

Lumberjacks From California

Lumberjacks From California

Lumberjacks From California

Source: AvaxNews

The above dendrocide was done just a few decades ago. At the present time, man is still at it:

Source: The Real Truth

Man needs to be treated for his Dendrocide Syndrome. And urgently!

Will this stupid naked primate ever learn? 

Will he ever learn to be brained for what he should be brained and not brained for what he should not be brained, risking his future to end up without his brains?

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