jueves, 27 de junio de 2013


Source: MailOnline

"Although we may all look apart, we are all one. And one needs the other one. One is not only one but many ones hooked like one in unbeknownst ways to all the ones that compose the only one - the Biosphere- that looks like it is not one but it is one indeed.

Since we are all stuck on this beautiful Earth, we must join forces to change our fucking blind course. 

Being on top is definitely not sustainable.

Any "sapiens" out there left?

Let us hear your voice in support of those who look like they have no voices but indeed have voices. Not only their own but also yours and ours. 

We are all one after all. But we have got to act like one on this business of taking care of Earth.

Let us do something for ourselves. But we are talking about the ourselves that comprises all of ourselves. 

Even though they may not look like ourselves or they are not ourselves, they are indeed ourselves. All ourselves are one ourselves on this planet, our dear Earth."


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