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By Hugo M. G. von Österreich und von Toskana
May 10, 2013

Source: Wirgilio

The human equation (HE) has too many [-], [-], [-], [-] within a large set of [-]s in a world dominated by tonnes of [-]n, and as a result we live in an ocean of negativity with a few good oases here and there. 

The bad outweighs the good most of the times, otherwise we would not have wars or starving people around (Video 1). There would not be any humans or non human animals suffering and going through hell on planet Earth (Video 2). 

                                           Video 1. Millions of South African starving.

                                                Video 2. Dark side of egg production.

Here is an example of [-] in the HE (Video 3), rhinoceros mutilation:

Source: YouTube
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This footage shows a rhino from an Eastern Cape private game reserve which had its horn hacked off while it was still alive. Vets and wildlife managers tried in vain to save its life but the wounds were too severe and it had to be put down. Help the Wilderness Foundation fight this tragedy by signing the petition:

                                                        Video 3. Rhinoceros mutilation.

But we can change the HE. We need more [+]s, and more [+]s, and more [+]s to tip the balance towards the good, and we all know by now how to do that. 

And we must. It is something that cannot wait any longer. Each of us must do some deep soul searching and act afterwards with a little or a lot of [+]s to make this world a very positive place for everyone.

Here is an example of [+] in the HE (Video 4): 

                               Video 4. Amazing Chinese women fighting against dog meat industry.

¿And where are we now? The truth is that we have made a mess out of the only planet we have. That is a fact.  

For instance, marine pollution is a big problem everywhere now. It is an example of [-] in the HE (Video 5):

                                                    Video 5. Marine pollution.

We are now in a ecological cul-de-sac. We must incorporate our HE into Nature´s equation, and obey her laws, otherwise there is no future for humankind.

There are many twists and turns in the human equation which in the end turn out to work against Nature´s grain (Video 6) and is  not [+] in the best interests for everyone on spaceship Earth.

                                               Video 6. The story of stuff.

The human equation is in our hands. Let us give the world the brightest beam of light we have got within ourselves. All of us can shine like bright stars if we choose to do so.


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