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By Gundhramns Hammer
May 19, 2013

Source: International Rivers

Earth belongs to all living creatures, including humans. In man´s evil economical system only the rich and powerful and their corporations have a voice and also their slaves running the governments, their puppets who must follow if they want to continue at the helm. 

All of the world´s governments are really private corporations run by vassals and servants working for the global oligarchy, around 300 families who in turn are controlled by djinns that take human shape or appear as reptiloid aliens who live in bunkers underground in Egypt.

The elite decides who will be elected next and put him/her in power to handle the governmental reigns in their fiefdoms around the world, all beautifully disguised in a mock parade called "voting for democracy", which really is daemocracy (government by the dinns or demons).

This ingenious and evil system keeps the sheeple content and zombie with the illusion that they are free and therefore can decide who rules over them. It is all a fucking farce.

Considering that rich and poor alike are all inhabiting the same Earth and that we all have a duty and obligation to be good custodians of this planet on behalf of the generations of humans and non-humans yet to come and of Nature above all, at least we all should do a better job at guarding Earth instead of the lousy one we are already doing, therefore it stands to reason that anything done which will damage a large portion of the Biosphere should be consulted with the world´s people wherever they are. 

Thus, constructing and destroying entire rainforests in the name of progress should therefore not be done. 

Let us remember that in the name of progress scientists developed the atomic bomb which we all know was such a nasty and horrible idea anyway. Now 
wherever we go, we have water and soil contaminated with radionuclides from so many nuclear tests done on land and in the atmosphere.
To deal with complicated issues including large dams, each country should organise a people´s court, and we are talking of normal people watching over like a dog the "normal law" which usually serves only to protect the interest of the selfish wealthy class, a court which should and must decide major global issues for the benefit of all be it human or non-human, to maintain the integrity of the Biosphere. 

So, in this sense, a world government run by the people and not by the fucking evil elite, does make sense, for we have only this Earth and if we do not start taking care of it as we must soon there will nothing to take care of.

In thiss sense, the Belo Monte Dam project in Brazil is totally illegal, for it is destroying hundreds of square kilometres of rainforests, will displace more that 20.000 people and kill thousands of plants and animals, in other words it will cause the destruction of a big chunk of Nature, just with the excuse that Brazil needs more electricity which is false. 

Let it be known that electricity is nowadays a commodity sold to the highest bidder outside the Brazilian borders. This is called "electricity trade".

Energy is traded on an international power line which interconnects power from dams in Chile and Argentina up to Venezuela and from here to Colombia and from here to Panama (Fig. 1) going up and passing through Central America to the north as far as Guatemala (Fig. 2) (Plan Puebla Panama) which is connected to Mexico and from here to the United States, the final destination. 

Figure 1. Colombia-Panama electrical interconnection. Source: Google Images

Figure 2. Electrical interconnection in Central America. Source: ISA

This is a lot of dams interconnected with other dams, which means a lot of interconnected holes in the Earth´s Biospheric Net which sums up into an environmental damn mess. Damn dams talking to other damn dams so that people can have power for useless and damn things to damn up their brains.

Electricity is a matter of national security now for the USA. Electricity is the future. And to store electricity you must have batteries and to have batteries you must have lithium. And where is the biggest deposit of this mineral? It is in Afghanistan. 

Now you know one of the main reasons why Afghanistan was invaded. It was invaded to secure the lithium deposits along with other strategic minerals. 

Afghanistan is also important from the perspective of the market of the opium. And birds of the same feather flock together.

But let us get back to our issue of damn dams. The Belo Monte Dam project is illegal because no one consulted the local people, who are really against this project. Neither were consulted the plants and animals who, who because they are also persons, will be destroyed. 

It is illegal because it is a crime against Nature. It is a crime against Biosphericity.

Why should these evil corporations construct dams in the name of progress, which really is a specialised ecological vampirism? 

Of course, more power is needed to keep zombier the already brain-washed sheeple. Power is needed to keep them enslaved. Power is needed to keep the sheeple masturbating their mushy brains. Power is needed to turn them into perfect consuming machines. 

Constructing anything for consuming the Earth just to masturbate poeple´s brains is fucking insane!  But after all this is the grand economic system devised by Homo insapiens

And what it is really sickening is that most humans love it! Most people are damn insane! Are you one of those?

We will leave it here. Now let us see what the Belo Monte Dam project is all about:

Source: YouTube
View original 

Sigourney Weaver narrates New Google Earth Animation on Brazil's Controversial Belo Monte Dam in the Amazon Rainforest. Amazon Watch and International Rivers have teamed up to create a state-of-the-art 10-minute Google Earth 3-D tour and video narrated by actress Sigourney Weaver, with technical assistance from Google Earth Outreach. The video is in support of Brazil's Movimento Xingu Vivo Para Sempre (Xingu River Forever Alive Movement). The tour allows viewers to learn about the harmful impacts of, and alternatives to the massive Belo Monte Dam Complex on the Amazon's Xingu River. A Portuguese version of the video and tour, narrated by well-known Brazilian actor Dira Paes to be released soon.

The face behind the Belo Monte Dam project 

Now the question. Who is behind the Belo Monte Dam project in Brazil?

The answer is: Eletrobras, the main one. 

Besides Brazil, Eletrobras has operations in Argentina, Uruguay, Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana,Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador in Latin America; Angola, Namibia, Morocco, Nigeria and Guinea Bissau in Africa; and also in China (Wikipedia, 2013).   Eletrobras is a giant power octopus.

And so it happens that this company has a registered branch in Panama, a country listed as a tax haven in the CRS Report for the US Congress in 2013. 

The branch in Panama is called ELECTROBRAS S.A., which is one head of the same hydra. 

Here is the information of ELECTROBRAS S.A. in Panama, all taken from Dan O´Huiggin´s database


Full Details




Date Registered


Look up complete file

(search for 274053 as "Numero de Ficha")

Electricity, power, money and power for power.... Power for what? For man´s enlightenment? It could but this is not the case. It is for a happy sleep. Baa! Baa! 

The secret meeting

In the room there was a bunch of powerful businessmen. They had been discussing ways to keep masses of people under control. They came up with many solutions, for they always had lots of experts willing to work for them. At end of the meeting, the richest man said:

-How wondeful is to have people under our rule! 

And then he cleared his throat.

He has never given a damn about the Earth. Too busy tearing up Mother Nature to make money. He is with one foot on a banana peel and the other one in his tomb and yet he had not found the meaning of life. 

Is there such a thing?

What really counts in life

Hello, my dear brethren! Hello, dear earthlings! Where are you? Are you going straight to hell or heavens? Do you already now how to tell them apart? 

We are only here for a short sojourn. We are all in the waiting room. 

By the way, the person who is writing this to you is doing it via borrowed equipment, for I have nothing. Nothing! And now that I haven´t got anything I have everything!

What counts, the important questions are: 

Where will you be when the last hour finds thee?

Did your passing through on this beautiful Earth add or substrat to the whole, the Biosphere?


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