martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012


By Hugo M. G. von Österreich und von Toskana
Member of the Union of Concerned Scientists (USA)
December 4, 2012

Nature is very patient. We can see this along roads and highways where weeds, plants whose properties are still unknown to man, are found right at the edge of the asphalt or concrete line awaiting for man´s departure to invade his constructions. 

Mother Nature is always claiming back what belongs to Her.

Mother Nature is indeed the rightful owner of everything under the sky on planet Earth, including ourselves. 

She has the Copyright for Life, despite of ourselves going around pounding our swollen chests and paying expensive lawyers claiming that we have invented this or that. 

After all our brains connections belong to Her as well! 

One day our miraculous mass of neurons that we are so proud of will be plain pasture for bacteria and fungi. After we have breathed the last gulp of precious air and our bodies are buried deep in the soil, so at last we shall be free to wander as scattered atoms in endless circles and routes in the vastness of the Earth´s Biosphere.

Our atoms will be shuffled back and forth, be it underwater as a fish, or sometimes as an earthworm in the mulch, other times as a butterfly flying in the wind. They will circled the Earth hundreds, millions of times. It is an endless journey throughout space and time!

So where are we now? We are trapped, confined in patches of asphalt and cement eating unhealthy foods that make us sick with cancer till we turn into dust. Not so sapiens as we fool ourselves! 

Being social creatures we find security in numbers. In these cages we hate or love one another. And we go outside so far away to steal what does not belong to us. It is a blooming pity!

Shall we ever learn to love our neighbours as ourselves, be a humble mushroom, an abandoned dog, a tiny shrimp, a curious housefly, a tortured chicken in a factory cage, a solitary calf snatched up from her loving mother, a crying starving child of humankind or a hurting whale? 

For the sake of everyone on spaceship Mother Earth we must do so! We must turn into Wardens of Her precious gifts!

We must wake up from our arrogance otherwise one day not so far in the distant future if we continue the way we are going, Nature shall swallow our most cherished jewels (Videos 1-2), the cities, insane man-made structures which siphon in healthy molecules and pump out dirt and filth.

                                       Video 1. Life after people. Uploaded by , 13/02/2011

                             Video 2. La Tierra sin humanos. Subido por el 29/12/2010

We have taken the wrong turn! We must amend ourselves!

I am already doing my best (no automobile, no meat consumption, no unnecessary travelling, etc.) How about you?

Have a good day! May God be with you! Always!

True peace!!

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