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By Gundhramns Hammer
December 30, 2012

Toxic waste water in China. Source:V Reads and Know

China is in a race to catch up with the United States´ level of "development", which means to be able to tear up and contaminate the environment to extract the resources to make things that eventually end up in the garbage dump. There already is a growing middle class which is behaving like a monster with an endless appetite for all kinds of products, including exotic animals which are on the endangered list (Video 1).

                Video 1. Chinese animal welfare groups protest against company that extract bear bile.

Where is the famous Chinese wisdom? Why was China´s government not able to plot and follow another course, one friendly to the environment? Unfortunately China fell prey to the Western banksters. Some sources estimate that China´s debt to these banksters is around 235 billion USD.

The price to pay for all of this craziness and insanity to "develop" and live in a toxic bubble can already be seen throughout China: polluted rivers, air contamination, medical problems, tonnes of garbage, toxic waste (Video 2), etc., the typical problems that come along when humankind works against Nature instead of going along with her.

                                         Video 2. Toxic waste water scandal in China.

What is really amazing on this stupid race to destroy the Earth´s Biosphere on what man (Homo insapiens) has come to call "development", which is an euphemism for exploitation and violation of the Earth´s Rights, China not only owes money to foreign banks but also is the holder of $1.1643 trillion in U.S. government debt!

It is obvious that someone else has the economic leash around China´s neck but at the same time China also has the leash around the neck of the most powerful nation on Earth, the United States, and others on the block. 

It is a game of "if you squeeze my neck I will squeeze your neck back as well".  

Nations behave like children playing to be matured and sapiens but end up being ridiculously inmature and dangerous, for man has taken by brute force the command on a planet that does not belong to him with disastrous results. Furthermore he has just popped up on the grand scene of life on this planet. He must heed Nature´s laws otherwise he will be destroyed. Nature has no favourite children. 

The following Dateline report (Video 3) talks about the increase in cancer cases in rural China, which is being blamed on toxic industrial waste poisoning the water supply.

                                                         Video 3. China´s cancer villages.


The World Bank (2012). Global Development Finance: External Debt of Developing Countries. Washington, D.C. 332 p.

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