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By Salvatore Scimino
September 5, 2012

It is an unpheasant life when hunters come by

That day things did not sound the same. There was something in the air that did not fit in the right place. The atmosphere was tense. The leaves in the trees were rasping against the branches in a different way. The quiet life the bird families have been enjoying thus far was about to be shattered to pieces. Something was telling them that today was going to be different, that the day would certainly end with a few or perhaps all of their neighbours dead. So is the life of pheasants in Scotland when hunters come to kill innocent life.

Stone sage hunters

Historians tell us that the Stone Age is a thing of the past. But that is not true. We are still stone age creatures.

It is true there has been a lot advancement in technology but other than that man still is the same stone age beast. Man behaves like an old biological computer (the hardware) running on a 21st century programme (software). He needs to update his software and step out of his virtual trap. He must quit being the perpetual exterminator on Earth.

It is easy to uncover the savage within man, just scratch his skin and the beast he really is will come to life.

The proof is at hand. Men still gather to kill pheasants and partridges in Scotland just for fun. These people are not hungry. They are only doing what their ancient hardware tells them to do: kill. 

These biological computers, 21st century hunters, are simply downloading ice age hunting skills (Videos 1-3). They belong to the same club, the clubbed club. 

Video 1. Old hardware brags about hunting skills.

Video 2. Ice age men dressed with woven fur coats ready to kill.

Video 3. More ice age hunters in the 21st century.

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