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No big cat faces 1/500th of the possiblity of extinction as the lion. That's right, your glasses aren't dirty. Since 1994, Lions populations are down in African more than 2,000 percent. Estimates lower then 4,000. Lion weights of mature males are now 300 lbs in many places, few lions turned man eaters. Being shot and killed by trophy hunters, poisoned to death by the thousands, loss of prey, starving to death, lack of resources or numbers to get foodIt's bad enough 80 % lions starve to death before 2 years old. An what's so sad about this situation. Lions existence is not looking good at all. An what's so sad is even the lionfanatics on youtube Schamah, JiaLifeh, Cookiecacheisfatt, don't understand how much in trouble in the lion is in. It's so sad, the whole world hasn't lifted a damn figure. There gonna wait until there are 1,000 lions left in all africa? And is the United States gonna come together and start Project Lion, like they did with Tigers? I don't know but if nothing is done, get used to seeing lions in the zoo, because in 10 years lions will be completely extinct Africa.

Leopards are most adaptable big on earth. They number in the hundreds of thousands. Cougars doing well. Jaguars and tigers doing in the same about.

There are 6,040 wild tigers estimated in the world. As follows:
2,110 bengal Tigers
600 to 1000 Amur Tigers
1,800 IndoChinese Tigers
800 Malayan Tigers
500 Sumatran Tigers
30 South China Tigers.

There maybe more tigers in the wild then lions. An what's to be noted is the tiger population over all has stayed the same or went up to near 10,000 since 1989. When there were over 4,000 tigers in India. Tigers are protected and only illegal poaching, and territorial fights are they main problems. Every other country besides India the tiger population is increasing. What's funny about India is that the officials aren't in agreement with the estimate, and have stated when the real estimate comes the number will be higher. But with India's numbers in, the tiger population is 6,040. 30 years from now tigers will still be here, just like the 1970's. Amur tigers the news from Russia justs gets better and better. I kid you not I'm like a kid at the candy store weighting on the next census of amur tigers.

Last month I got word through emails of my curiousness that there are now over 800 Amur tigers in the wild. It was up to 600 in 2007 after the 2005 census. The news just gets better and better with Amur tigers, in fact out of all subspecies of lions and tigers, the Amur tigers future is the brighest. What a blessing.

Bravo Russian Authorties. Keep it up. I'm telling you people the news on Amur tigers, just keeps getting better and better. Wait till the next census. THE AMUR TIGER IS BACK. Not only that several estimates of Amur Over 750 lbs, have been sighted. Welcome the AMur tiger back. it is flourishing.

Indochinese tigers doing great. Malayan Tigers doing great. Sumatran Tigers there doing pretty good.

Bengal tigers Nepal, Bangledesh doing doing good. Are only concern is India, and let me tell you I have emailed people in charge, and none of them agree with the 1,411 tigers in India. But it's good to draw awareness. Officials In India are shoot to kill orders. That rights if you plan on poaching in India, plan on getting assault rifled in half. You will be shot and killed if you are caught trying to poach a tiger and other species.

But people are turning there eyes and not doing crap about the lion crisis, Tigers are fine, especially in Nepal, And Russia.

Tigers aren't going anywhere people. The cat that is skyrocketing off this earth, is the African Lion. An it hurts because even these lionfanatics on youtube, it hurts, because are so misinformed, that they doing even know what's happening to the African lion. And they don't understand, and they don't understand and the world doesn't understand. How low will the population lions of go, a few hundred in africa? Will the world take a stand and stop the crisis? The way the world is acting, is Africa will be a better place without lions. It's terrible, it's disgusting, and noone is doing diddly squat!

Lions are starving, poisoned by the thousands, inbred, sick, malnourished, are lower in weights, and you people aren't doing shit about it. Am I the one who has to spread the African Lion crisis, because noone else even somes cares, and that's sad, truely is.

Lions poisoned intentionally by pesticides in East-Africa. Read more HERE and HERE

What can you do? Write a letter expressing your concerns about the future and survival of the African lions to the presidents of Kenya and Tanzania. Don´t forget to send a copy of your letter to the ambassadors of these nations in your own country. 

H.E. Mr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania

H.E. Mr. Mwai Kibaki, President of the Republic of Kenya


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