martes, 24 de julio de 2012


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One and a half hours spent on an unknown planet, where all distances are measured in millimeters. Its inhabitants: a fantastic, insects, snails and other inhabitants of grass and water. Its scenery: impenetrable jungle of grass Kusch, dew drops, as big as balloons.

The viewer discovers a beautiful, shining with all colors of the rainbow parallel world, where different laws of physics work. A world filled with surreal light, full of unknown sounds. A country where the animals can walk on water or walk upside down.

Pheasant, walking across the ant trail makes for you no less impressive than the Godzilla of the famous thriller, and the usual summer storm reminiscent of an air attack, hundreds of heavy bombers. Constant transition from one world to another give the audience feeling dazed relativity of our concepts of space.

The viewer feels like tiny paratroopers, abandoned at the very epicenter of the action. He hears the roar of ant wars, and the roar of bee wings behind him.

Directed by: Claude Nuridzani, Marie Perrin

You can read text in Russian: HERE.


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