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By Salvatore Scimino
July 2, 2012

                                         Wildebeest migration. Source: The Telegraph.

On a large scale, in this universe everything comes to an end, from a small moon to an entire star system. On a smaller scale such on planet Earth, things are no different. 

What was once a plain tomorrow could be a giant volcano, forests give way to deserts and viceversa. Nature is in constant movement and species must adapt to survive. Species come and go, some live long while others have only a short sojourn on Earth in geologic times. Everything has its own pace. That´s the way of things are.

Nevertheless matters are moving too rapidly lately, a change caused by man´s meddling with the natural cycles in his quest to mould his surroundings to suits his own needs. Here lies our big problem, one we are not willing as yet to tackle as we should and which future generations will have to face and pay a high price for our mistakes at the present.

Planet Earth is filled with incredible natural beauty. The miracle of life abounds everywhere we look. Earth is s a jewel amongst jewels, green and blue!!

The wildebeest (Connochaetes spp.), one of many of Africa´s natural treasures, are threatened by deforestation and wheat fields in Kenya. It´s man´s fault, nothing more can it be said. 

Scientists are saying that we could perhaps be the last generation that will be able to see and enjoy the beaty of the great migration of the wildebeest in the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. That´s very sad indeed!! 

The Mara River is at its lowest level affected by deforestation upstream at its source and due to large wheat plantations. If the river dries up millions of species would die out in a matter of a few weeks.

What can we do about it? For one thing we should write to the Kenyan government requesting to please put an end to forest cutting by local people and implement instead some form of ecotourism carried out by those who live in the area. The Masai are already in a programme of this kind  and has been quite successful. 

Contact information:

His Excellency The Hon. Mwai Kibaki C.G.H., M.P.
President of Kenya
Harambi House, Harambi Avenue
P.O. Box 30510, Nairobi


The following video will show you more of what´s happening to the wildebeest. Please make sure you watch it.

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