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Source: Negotiation Is Over!

“You can´t separate peace from freedom, because no one can be at peace unless he has freedom.”
                        Malcolm X

Simulposted with Dr. Steve Best

Blendeskil is a cutting-edge hardcore band that promotes radical politics and animal liberation. As the video above illustrates, they have taken the message of militant animal liberation, captured it in song, and are bringing it to the masses. Dr. Steve Best & Blendeskil will tour in September.

Now Blendeskil is putting their support behind Camille Marino. All proceeds from their hit song “Losers” will go to Marino’s Legal Defense Fund until she goes to trial in June 2012.

Blendeskil has earned the gratitude and respect of this community. They are out there on the front lines promoting animal liberation as well as those who fight for the animals. In return, we are urging the NIO community to support Blendeskil.

Buy the song Losers to support Camille and buy the album to support Blendeskil.

To download Loser, click HERE.


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