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(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 01)  This is a scene that the farmers don't want the public to see; though in this case, the farmer was bragging about how he force-feeds the geese in the traditional method.  To keep the goose still during this painful process, the goose was placed in a box on which the man sat. He then grabbed the neck of the goose and forced a large feeding tube down his throat.

(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 02)  This is a way of keeping ducks confined so that they can be systematically tortured for 28 days while being force-fed three to four times a day.  History says that foie gras was invented by the Egyptians, but we believe it's from Satan!
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 03)  In this photo it is easier to see how the sadistic farmer restrains the goose in a holding box and forces the long force-feeding tube down the goose's throat.  Only human beings seem capable of such depravity.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 04)  This duck had its neck punctured by having the feeding tube brutally forced down his throat.  The wound was left untreated and because the duck was confined, flies laid their eggs in the wound and maggots began eating the duck alive.  Put a stop to this sadistic practice.  Don't buy or eat foie gras and boycott any restaurant that serves it.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 05)  This is another photo of a goose being brutally force-fed.  We believe that there has to be something morally and spiritually wrong with a person who is so indifferent to the pain and suffering they inflict, that they continue to do it day after day.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 06)  In this photo we can see how immense the feeding tube is compared to the the size of the bird's mouth and throat.  Think of how this force-feeding would feel to us.  Think of how uncomfortable it feels when we overeat.  Then imagine how it would feel to have even more food forced down our throats.  If we can imagine this, then we will begin to understand the pain and suffering that is inflicted upon ducks and geese.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 07)  This is a semi-automatic force-feeding operation.  By raising and lowering the handle, a measured amount of food is forced into the stomach of the goose.  This machine just makes it easier for some humans to torture more ducks and geese.  And, every person who eats foie gras is just as "guilty" of the torture of these defenseless ducks and geese as if they personally rammed the food down their throats.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 08)  These crates are another version of the duck torture boxes.  It appears that they are using a portable force-feeding method which they roll up and down the aisles, bringing misery to these ducks.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 09)  These ducks are crying out in fear as they see the approaching farmer who is about to force feed them.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 10)  Just because we are more powerful than these ducks does not give us the right to inflict pain and suffering upon them.  This is a concentration camp for ducks!  Their joy is gone!  All that awaits them is more suffering and death.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 11)  In order to better understand the internal pain that is being inflicted upon these ducks and geese, this photo shows the difference in the size of a normal goose liver on the left and the force-fed diseased liver on the right.  The diseased liver grows to this immense size in just four weeks, putting enormous pressure on the rest of the body's organs.  Only depraved humans would consider such a diseased organ "gourmet food".
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 12)  This is another look at the force-feeder.  The tube is shown in the insert photo on the left.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 13)  This is another photo of forced feeding.  In this case the man placed a measured amount of mash in the funnel and he used a plunger to force the food into the duck's or goose's stomach.  This man is nothing more than a systematic "serial" torturer of defenseless animals.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 14)  This is another close up look at a goose being force-fed.  Stop this atrocity!  Speak out against this inhumane practice!  Don't eat or buy foie gras.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 15)  We saw an advertisement and a food editor's comments for foie gras which referred to it as being "decadent" in a good way, as if we should enjoy such "luxuries".  Partly because of our ability to write, most humans consider themselves to be superior to the animals; but such writing is definitely decadent, as is eating a diseased liver and causing so much pain and suffering.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 16A victim of forced-feeding, this duck choked to death on his own vomit.  He now lies dead in a pen.  This was not an accident.  This tragedy was set in motion by the torturer-farmers in this industry who have a depraved indifference to life.  If they did something like this to a human being, they would be guilty of second degree murder.  In our opinion, they are still guilty of murder.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 17In the cold of winter, icicles form inside the sheds.  Many ducks, like the one on the left, do not survive.  The love of money set up the evil that caused this duck's death.   Everyone who eats foie gras supplied the money to pay for this "murder for  hire."  The whole industry is evil.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 18This dead bird lies abandoned and apparently unnoticed in a pen.   To the farmers, his death is considered no more than a statistical loss.  But according to the Bible, he was just as much a living soul, as we humans are.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 19In pens, the living remain captive with the dead.  For all intent and purpose, these ducks are slave labor in a concentration and death camp operated by evil human beings, whose salary is paid by the people who eat foie gras.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 20)  This is a photo of dead ducks in a trash can.  They died for human greed and gluttony.  Remember, everyone who eats an animal product is responsible for the animals' torture and death, because they paid to have it done.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 21)  These once live creations of God now lie rotting, their bodies covered with feces.  We believe that only an evil and depraved individual could allow this to happen and enjoy working in the stench of rotting flesh.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 22The investigators found that conditions are so harsh that the dead ducks are heaped into piles when the trashcans overflow.  To evil people, life has little or no value.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 23Never knowing a mother, forced to face the horrors of the factory farm alone, these ducklings never had a chance.  Rightly does the Bible teach us in Proverbs 12:10, "A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel." (NASU)
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 24This is another trash bin filled with the discarded corpses of ducks who could not survive any more torture.  Our constant prayer is, "How long, O Lord, until you bring this evil to an end?"  Until God does bring it to an end, as Scripture promises, we are thankful for the investigators who exposed these evils and took these photos; and we will continue to present these horrible truths until people no longer support these atrocities.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - investigators found this bird torn apart and thrown away.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 26A victim of forced-feeding, this duck's intestines have been pushed out of his body.   This is just another evil of this industry.  Don't support it.  Wonderful gourmet meals can be made from plant foods.  See some of our recipes at
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 27)  This duck, and many like him, suffer in the intense confinement of these isolation cages that make it easier for his torturer to grab his neck and ram a feeding tube down it to force feed him two or more times a day.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 28Covered in his own vomit, this duck suffers the effects of forced feeding and confinement.  The evil in this industry is never ending cruelty with immense pain and suffering.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 29Investigators took this photo at Hudson Valley Foie Gras, where they found the duck on the right languishing in a cage next to the corpse of his companion who could no longer survive the daily torture.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 30)  These ducks are forced to live in these tiny cages.  They are so small that the duck's body rubs against the sides of the cage, and they can barely move.  Only human beings could devise such evil devices.  Don't become a part of their sins before God.  Don't support this evil with your money.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 31In the cold of winter, even what little water the ducks have often freezes.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 32A dying bird, with a gaping wound where his eye once was, lies amidst his own vomit.  Medical care is not provided because it is not economical; a decision of those who have been corrupted by the love of money.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 33This dying bird's beak has been painfully deformed by the abuse of life on the factory farm.  He is also covered in his own vomit.  In our opinion, this entire industry is an abomination before God.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 34This dying bird is barely able to lift his head out of his own vomit.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 35This duck suffers helplessly from an infected wound where his eye once was.  Our government allows these atrocities to continue because they are considered part of ordinary farming practice.  Thus, they become a party to this evil.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 36The bloody open wound on the wing of this bird is just one painful consequence of the isolation cages that the investigators found at Hudson Valley Foie Gras.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 37Investigators found that many of the ducks at Sonoma Foie Gras suffer from gaping, infected wounds on their behinds.   Don't support this atrociously cruel industry.  Speak out against it. 
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 38)  These ducks are kept behind bars in these filthy conditions, until they are force-fed to death.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 39)  In this unbelievably cruel industry, wounds such as this duck's bloody rear end infection go untreated.  Ban the production and sale of foie gras.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 40)  This duck lies dead on the side of a cage.  How seared the hearts of these farmers must be to run a business that is based on torture and death!
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 41)  These ducks are forced to live in darkness and filth.  They are deprived of every right to life and enjoyment that God created for them.  Remember the cruelty behind animal foods and don't eat them!
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 42)  This is another duck with a wounded read end.  From our personal experience, we find that most humans are extremely hypocritical; they say they love animals, but at the same time they eat foods that they know come from the suffering of animals.
(Ducks and Geese - Foie Gras - 43)  On this foie gras farm in New York, the ducks are forced to live in these torturously small cages where they can't even turn around.  Only a depraved person could systematically torture, for his or her own convenience, another living being; and anyone who eats their products, becomes a party to their depravity.
(Ducks and Geese - Factory Farm - 01De-billed Muscovy Ducks - Part of their sensitive upper bill is amputated, which can cause pain for all their short life.  This photo was taken at Grimaud Farms, Linden, CA where the ducks live on metal grating instead of natural ground, which makes the ducks even more uncomfortable.
(Ducks and Geese - Factory Farm - 02)  This photo was also taken at Grimaud Farms, Linden, CA, where thousands of Muscovy ducks are packed into each unit.  This is a concentration camp!  And every duck we humans eat contributes to this ongoing suffering.
(Ducks and Geese - Factory Farm - 02a)  This is a closer view of how unnaturally factory farmers pack ducks into cruel warehouses, where the ducks never get to experience nature as God intended them to.  They never get a chance to fly, or walk in the grass, or swim in a lake or pond.
(Ducks and Geese - Factory Farm - 03)  At the Maple Leaf Farms, Wayne, OH, this duck got his wings caught in the mesh floor and could not get loose.  This is just another example of needless suffering that is brought about by factory farming and the human lust for flesh.
(Ducks and Geese - Factory Farm - 04Thousands of Pekin Ducks at Maple Leaf Farms, La Puente, CA are packed into each minimally lighted unit.  Such conditions are very stressful to any living being.  Just think of how we would feel if we had to live under such conditions.  If we wouldn't want to live this way, then we shouldn't mistreat these ducks just because we have the power to do so.
(Ducks and Geese - Factory Farm - 05Soaked in manure at the Maple Leaf Farms, Colton, CA, this Pekin duckling is unable to fulfill his natural instincts to keep clean. Apparently, it may have fallen through an opening in the mesh flooring of the warehouse unit. 
(Ducks and Geese - Hunting - 01)  Jim Smith sent us this photo with the comment: "The memories cherished when a young'in gets his first goose harvest."  Jim obviously takes pride and joy in killing, but to us this is a form of child abuse, because it hardens the heart of our children and instills in them the idea that killing is fun.  This is totally counter to Biblical teaching.  Our blessings come from being peacemaking children of God (Matthew 5:9), and not from being killers.  And in Mark 9:42 we are told: "And whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea."  We need to teach our children lovingkindness and respect for the whole of creation.
(Ducks and Geese - Hunting  - 02)  This and the following photo were sent to us by the hunter who apparently killed these ducks. Troup said in part, "I hope these pictures make you cry!"  Such a statement shows that he understands the empathy that other people have, and enjoys making them suffer.  His lack of empathy is also seem in the photos of the ducks he enjoyed killing.  Such behavior is typical of sociopaths.
(Ducks and Geese - Hunting  - 03)  The hunter who sent us this photo is proud of his killing spree, but to us, he has committed 8 counts of premeditated murder.


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