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July 9, 2013

No country in the world is 100% corruption and crime free, otherwise politicians and lawyers would be out of job. Laws are never 100% crime proof either. There is always a loop hole, a rear door for a quick exit for the powerful and rich.
Furthermore, very few humans are 100% corruption proof. There are too many people who love shit.

Wherever humans are, there always be shit. Human poop and corruption shit. The two kinds of shit too frequently combine very well to construct buildings with strong walls, almost 100 % proof against the winds and bullets coming from advocates of transparency and truth.

Digging deep into this pile of shit is dangerous, you may end up dead in a dark alley with a few shots in the head or crushed like mush inside a canvas sack in a lake. You may also disappear from the surface of the Earth as if done with magic, no witnesses or traces left.

After all, birds of the same shitty feather stick together. And together they "neutralise" any trespassers and intruders of their shitty feathered domains.

Of course, we do get reports about corruption here and there. Mere efforts to skim the butter off this shitty soup. 

Because no human bird of the same feather will expose the shitty feathers of the feathered creeps within their own shitty flocks. Unless this bird wants to have his throat spliced.

In man´s world, shit is way too often disguised as truth amongst other bits of truths that are hard to come by and tell apart from shit coated with truth that is not truth in a world full of shit that looks like truth and full of people who want nothing but what is not the truth to keep dreaming they have the truth, even when they don´t give a damn about the truth because the truth burns their hands which are tainted with what looks like truth but it is not truth and therefore they stray even more and more from the truth that is truth, even though they say they are after the truth that is really truth.

Are you ready for the truth that is really truth? Or do you still prefer shit disguised as truth?

In a flock of chickens who want nothing but the truth, life truly begins when each member can distinguish the grain from the chaff. 

And free range chickens are masters at picking up the right from the wrong in any backyard at home.

It is indeed sad that most humans do not respect these birds but rather prefer putting them in tiny battery cages to lay eggs (Video 1) or stuffing them up with crappy food to fatten up their chest and legs for the pot (Video 2).

                                               Video 1. Battery hens.

                                              Video 2. Chicken´s hell.

Hmm... No wonder humans who eat chickens walk like chickens and are so ill, suffering from migraine pain to diseases such as colon, breast and prostate cancer. But people still cannot separate shit from the grain (the truth). At least most of them.

Therefore, how do humans (Homo "sapiens") score at the Chicken School? 

Terribly bad. To tell you the truth: Humans flunk Basic Chickenology.

Chickens have a lot to teach humans (Homo insapiens) about philosophy. And we are not talking about whether or not chickens are able to build cars, computers and nuclear weapons, or any other gadget that has imprisoned man into a mind cage. 

Chickens definitely will not destroy the world with nukes but man in his craziness may one day. 

Unless a dam fool lets a chicken scurry inside a nuke silo whilst the man who is supposed to be doing what is supposed to be doing is really watching porno and whacking off and in the meantime the bird accidentally steps on or clicks the wrong bottom. 

We are talking about a task that comes easy to chickens and damn hard to humans: Knowing what is what from what looks like what but it is not what

This is Basic Chickenology and chickens beat humans at it any time indeed!!

These birds learn quickly to eat the grains whereas most people spend their entire lives swallowing shit

Let us take a look at one example of how man flunks in Basic Chickenology. 

Corruption is one of the most common chaffs in the human yard. Corruption is rampant in man´s world.

Let us travel to the "down under empire", Australia and New Zealand,  to put the detective eye glass on corruption. Some things like the pedophile rings of New Zealand, reported by Greg Hallet are seldom mentioned. They are usually a No-No in most reports. So don´t expect to find this information here.

The following report is one example of the what is what in Basic Chickenology, one where man gets an F grade. Because corruption is after all, one way or another and directly or indirectly, waste and squandering of what is what: The web of resources of the Biosphere. Let´s get to it now:

Click HERE 


Fishman R. & Miguel E. (2008). Economic Gansters: Corruption, Violence and the Poverty of Nations. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, USA. 240 p.

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