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By Gundhramns Hammer
April 1, 2013

Source: NationalNewsDesk

If you are poor and give away a chicken to the mayor of your own town hoping he may help you in the near future whenever you might need him, you will most likely end up in jail, for your gift could be considered bribery.

On the other hand, if you are extremely rich, your gift will always be considered a "donation for furthering public interests, political campaigns or scientific research". 

Your generous "unselfish" gift of millions will never be thought of as bribery. On the contrary whoever gets your gift will kiss your ass. And the press, their press, will call you a "wonderful philanthropist". And you are really set to do whatever you may wish including getting away with murder.

This is the way the rich behind the big corporations work like the pharmaceutical and medical industries. 

Pharmaceutical companies are money making machines. They generate enormous amounts of money and they do know where to put it to work so that the volume of their booty increases even higher as time goes by.

They have recently targeted psychiatrists with huge gifts, enough to drive mad of ambition any medical doctor. And what big business "gives away" is no bribe but an investment which sooner or later is collected with high dividends at the expense of our health and very often making us weak, stupid and quite ill.

In other words, pharmaceutical companies screw us up with no quick responses from governments unless consumers drop dead like flies.

We invite you to read the following article written by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights:

"The Corrupt Alliance of the Psychiatric-Pharmaceutical Industry", please click  HERE. If you want to leann more about this topic, please also click HERE.

Big money makes big money and also a big environmental mess

Big money makes more big money. Thus is the crooked world of the rich. And crooked people construct crooked buildings and destroy clean worlds and leave behind them a corrupt social footprint and a devastating ecological mess

Big corporations are only interested in one thing: Making lots of money. And in these realms most consumers are not any different than the rich. Both kinds of people are selfish and do not give a damn about the environment in the long run.

This is why humans (Homo insapiens) have a totally fucked up Earth. A planet full of shit. Our shit and their shit. How sad!! 

It would be easier for us consumers to wake up and enlighten our way of life which we must rather than to shake up the shit out of the rich and turn them into true philanthropists and most important into Biophilians and Geophilians.

We consumers must learn where to put our effort and money where it really belongs, to spend enough just to live a decent life without falling prey of luxury, for this sickness is antibiosphericand very important: Put our emphasis in constructive ways where Nature is taken into high consideration as something truly sacred to preserve it into the future, to bring it out of the mess we have created due to our squandering excessess keeping in sight a common goal: Increasing the Biosphere´s health and equilibrium.

We all must change our pleistocenic way of dealing and treating Mother Nature, for we all depend upon its wholeness.

It is our choice to change this equation. It is time to put the horse before the cart and not otherwise.


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