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"Throughout Asia the dog meat trade is flourishing. In particular the town of Tha Rae in Sakon Nakhorn, north east Thailand has become a center for the export of dogs through Laos and into Vietnam. Dogs are collected in exchanged for a bucket in villages throughout Thailand and then brought to Ta Rae. In Ta Rae the dogs are separated into grades. The best grade are shipped to Vietnam the rest are slaughtered and eaten locally. Thousands of dogs are slaughtered and shipped across the Mae Kong river every month. The business is worth almost as much as the drug trade and this business is legal because Thailand has no animal protection laws for the welfare of domestic animals. We are creating a Hell on Earth for mans best friend." (YouTube)

Please contact by letter or e-mail the Royal Thai Embassy in your country and send a protest. Suggest the implementation of animal protection laws. Here is the information for Spain:

H.E. Mr. Kulkumut Singhara Na Ayudhaya, Ambassador of Thailand to Spain

Royal Thai Embassy in Madrid / Embajada Real de Tailandia en Madrid

Calle Joaquin Costa, 29
28002 Madrid

Tel. (34) 91 563 2903,  91 563 7959 91 411 5113
Fax. (34) 91 5640033,  91 562 4182

Visa and Consular section : 9.00 - 14.00 hrs. 

Office of the Defence Attache

Calle Joaquin Costa, 29

28002 Madrid

Tel. (34) 91 411 4285 

Fax. (34) 91 564 4513 

Office of Commercial Affairs

Calle del Segre, 29-2a

28002 Madrid 

Tel. (34) 91 563 0190,  91 563 0196

Fax (34) 91 563 8090 


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