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By Hugo M. G. von Österreich und von Toskana
Member of the Union of Concerned Scientists (USA)
February 11, 2013

Source: KM Photography

Human... Who can tell that this creature can be sometimes so destructive and nasty and at other times be so caring and loving as well just by looking at him? He is caught between two fires. He is neither an angel nor a demon. He is both. He is trapped and perpetually struggling between these two opposite forces all the time. He is a hanged beast. Thus is his curse.

He can be so cruel, so much so that perhaps he has no match on Earth. A Nigerian once told me that "even demons in hell tremble when a man gets mean and mad."

On the other hand, when it comes to being loving, loving he is but there is no doubt humans have a great deal to learn from what a lot of people call, sometimes disdainfully, "lower animals". 

Lower animals can they never be, for man is a primitive neotenic chimaera with only his brain beyond his grasp, which can torture him when he is quite restless or elate him when he is at peace.

A newer arrival on the scheme of life he is indeed. He is the newest beast on the block. And yet he has worked hard to sweep many a lives of his brethren away and forever who were here long before him. 

He does not understand yet those who he feels are underneath his feet. And yet he often pretends to understand the meaning of life. He has invented a written language to spit and write his ideas, sometimes good or others bad, judged depending how they impact upon his neighbours

Yes, those ideas that can drive him insane or make him reach the sky in joy, in hopes to perpetuate his memory beyond his fate.

Human... Can you transcend and climb the hill to look at the ocean of consciousness, the real one not that imagined, surrounding you, be it in a fly or in a whale. 

Yes, they are more sentient than man. They are older nations trapped in space and time like himself. In life, one without the other there can never be a sequence of thought. By that is meant that if they, the "lower animals", did not have this Gift he would not have it either.

Man is a sequence of sequences but with no sequence and when one with no sequence comes along, sequences that are true sequences of sequences of conciousness like man lacks, for he is cursed with disconnetion with the whole notwithstanding he pretends to be, such a sequence disrupts the Pattern of life. Thus he has done on Earth. 

Human... Can you listen the beat that which is not yours, not with your tools but with your inner sight if you still have any left?

If so, you can still get a glipse of the greatness that was handed to you in hopes that you took care of Planet Earth as the ancient legends say you should have.

If so, why do you go about hurting us, your brethren, and at the same time you keep saying you are so special that you think of yourself above us in everything you can guess there is and yet we know very well you do not have

Why do you act son mean to us (Video 1)? We always do our best with our company on Earth to keep you from going insane in your loneliness of your mind as you cannot as yet feel touched by the stars, the grains of sand on a beach or by a humble pebble in a riverbed notwithstanding you try hard?

                                             Video 1. Cruelty at the hatchery.


Human ... Are you listening? Are you paying attention to the message your "lower" brethren never stop sending you? 

Change your suicidal course, that is a must, for you only have one home: Earth.


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