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By Gundhramns Hammer
October 21, 2014 
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With the immense oil and gas reserves deep underground, everybody is born rich in Nigeria. Theoretically, of course. 

But in reality this is not the case. What we find in the Niger Delta is a terrible hell for most people (Video 1).

Video 1. Oil spills in Nigeria: The true price of crude oil. Uploader: The Guardian.

In Nigeria, a few people have made millions from the country´s oil industry. They have fat bank accounts in a tax have sucha as Hong Kong, Panama, Luxemburg, Switzerland, just to name a few.

Others, the vast majority of people, barely manage to scratch a living, leading a struggling life with only 2 or 3 euros in the pocket daily.

In the meanwhile, the environment which everybody depends upon has been extremely polluted during nearly five decades of exploiting the black gold

The potential richness that everybody should have achieved during his or her lifetime, one derived from a good public fund, more or less like in Norway, has been swept away beneath their feet and left counting stars from hunger, for a bunch of mega-chupopterans (Sp., chupar = to suck) have gobbled up the whole petroleum cake.

Read the following report to get some of these facts:

Nigeria: Petroleum, Pollution and Poverty in the Niger Delta, by Amnesty International (2009). 143 p.

Get a copy: Click HERE.

Or go to this post references section below.

Therapsids and the big cake

Humans are therapsids and as such they show sophisticated ingroup dominance (Narvaez, 2006). Humans fight amongst themselves to see who steps on the most to get the most from a big cake. 

As a result, the members of the Homo "sapiens" tribe have been waging wars against one another since remote times.

But by the same token, cynodont therapsids are also believed to have had a soft side : Nurturing and taking care of their young

Some cynodonts may even have lactated their young, though they would lay eggs rather than give birth to live offspring (Medeiros Parente et al., 2011). 

This behaviour and way of reproduction was perhaps much more advanced than that of female alligators (Alligator mississippiensis), for example, which show maternal protection towards the young for almost a year after hatching today. 

Since life is a continuum, this is why at least most human beings, assuming they are humans, have a soft side as well nowadays. Nature builds upon the old.

So, where is the soft side of the petrogenic rich people in Nigeria?

Should those that have gotten the biggest chunks of the petro-cake in Nigeria at the expense of others not pitch in to take care of the needs of those that have nothing in Nigeria?

Should they not show some emotional engagement with others, in what Dr. Darcia Narvaez (2006) calls the "Ethic of Engagement", via caring relationships and social bonds with their fellow human beings in Nigeria?

What is the use of accumulating so much money? To further screw up those below or perhaps to feel like a god?

To those who are wallowing in petro money in Nigeria, what the fuck is the excuse not to help your poor fellow human beings in your own backyard?

Why not take care of the environment?

Be honest and kind to the others at least once in your lifetime! 


Amnesty International (2009). Nigeria: Petroleum, Pollution and Poverty in the Niger Delta. Amnesty International Publications, London, UK. 143 p. 

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