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Deforestation in Mongolia. Source:

By Gundhramns Hammer
October 26, 2014

The biggest enemy of trees around the world is man (Homo insapiens). Even though their lives depend upon trees, the vast majority of people do not give a damn about them. 

And turning this around is not an easy task, especially considering that most humans anywhere tend to be interested only on things sprinkled or loaded with the smell of money, sex and shit

It is even harder in poverty-sticken places, for in this case people usually are infected with the "before someone else comes along and takes it, I will take it for me first" social virus. Then, being selfish is a matter of survival.

This way, pro-social behaviours become a rare species since everybody is for himself.

But even then, when things seem getting worse all the time in places where people have lost their ecological bearings, if they ever had any, there are individuals who may be able to see their surroundings from a sound ecological perspective and think of the future. 

These visionary individuals will try to prevent the already precarious situation from getting worse. They sound the alarm and it is now up to the rest of folks to get the message.

In Mongolia, people are cutting trees down without ever thinking of planting replacements. They are doing it like fucking morons. The same moronic pattern can be seen worldwide.

And this destruction, fucking forests up, everywhere is called "development"!!!

Mongolia´s lungs - the trees- are being cut down at an alarming rate.

According to, "the rates for deforestation are up to 150 million trees annually. This is used for firewood, construction timber, encroachment in mining, grazing of livestock, and extensive forest fires. In 1998 the Food and Agriculture Organization stated that Mongolia's forests decreased by 1.2 million hectares between late 1970s - late 1990s. That means that 12 billion square meters of deforestation occurred in just 20 years. The timber industry only uses about 60% of the collected timber for profit."

Concerned about this anthropogenic environmental problem, Davaanyam Delgerjargal has denounced this savage deforestation in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia).

He hopes his photographic work will make the Mongolian government do something to stop the illegal logging going on in Ulaanbaatar.

The following clip (Video 1) shows what Davaanyam Delgerjargal is doing to save the forests around him before it is too late:

Davaanyam Delgerjargal photographs communities in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, whose livelihoods are dependent upon illegal logging--a practice that has devastating and long-term environmental consequences. Through his work, Delgerjargal aims to end illegal logging by drawing government attention to the underlying issues of poverty, unemployment, and the lack of state policies or enforcement of environmental protection.[Open Society Foundations]

Video 1. The price of illegal logging. Uploader: Open Society Foundations

To Davaanyam Delgerjargal, we gladly say:

Bravo, for your visionary work!!! Keep up your good work!

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