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By Gundhramns Hammer
March 7, 2014
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A few decades ago, the media had people flooded with information of how the world was going to be like by the year 2000. 

They used to say that everybody was going to have robots, so nobody would have to work; that everybody was going to have a flying car just like in the Supersonics TV series; that cancer would be history, having found a cure for all types of this disease; that there would be no more people going hungry; that we would be so advanced that there would be no more wars; etc., etc.

What came of those predictions? 

We all know the answer. 

We still have to work like slaves to pay our bills unless you have signed a contract with the devil to get rich.

There are no flying cars yet but in the movies. Thank God for that! 

If so, there would be not a single spot left alone by now where people could find a bit of solace. Flying cars jacking around would be too much to take. We already have enough noisy choppers and farting airplanes polluting the atmosphere everywhere.

Cancer is still killing people galore. Bad news for those who get it and good news for the big pharma folks.

And people are still starving by the millions (Video 1). Others have too much. So much so that this excess of food is making people sick or the food is wasted in rich nations.

                                            Video 1. UN appeals for more help for poor people

We still have wars and nastier (Video 2). Armed conflicts are "good for the economy". A few get rich whilst lots of people get fucked up.

                                                           Video 2. Iraq´s secret war files.


Humans are such weird creatures. One minute they can be very peaceful and loving, the next could be "endiablados" (bedeviled), going on a fighting or killing spree. Sometimes at the snap of a finger.

If there were only two humans left on the surface of the Earth, they would probably be bickering and fighting over something or doing some XXX things out of boredom anyway.

Now, we have a bunch of specialists telling us how the world might be like by the year 2030.

Despite of what they tell us - megatrends; a multipolar world; dilution of powers; 60% of the world´s population living in cities; shortages of food, water and energy, etc. - nobody really knows what will happen, especially in a world full of human nuts. 

What we do know is that there are way too many crazy trigger happy stalkers and wacko bastards walking around, ready to blast or send people to hell. 

There are too many hidden psychopaths walking around, with their heads full of aberrant sex, apocalyptic scenes from Hollywood movies and images of violent videos games, ready to act them out if the chance presents itself.

We are in a terrible mess of our own selfish construction. We are going around like crazy trying to patch what must be given up: A rotten system that is eating up Earth´s guts, a geochewing apparatus lately cleverly disguised as "sustainable development" to keep up quiet and content.

Who can we trust to come out of this econightmare: Anthropogenic extinction of thousands of species; declining or disappearing coral reefs; destruction of mangroves for shimp farming, timber, fuel, charcoal or because of wars, mining or man-made pollution; overfishing the oceans; megapollution, etc.?

We cannot fully trust politicians to do a good job. Too many of them are corrupt, lousy leeches, ready to stick to and suck up people´s jugulars to get rich or are weirdos, hoping to get famous to appear in newspaper headlines, throwing them into a fit of secret orgasms which they cannot get at home. 

Any elite folks up there in the money towers suitable for this job? 

Nope. Someone said that "the higher you get, the more rotten it gets". People get corrupted by power. And bored too.

The upper power echelons of human society are filled with greedy nuts, pedophiles, satanists and perverted creepy humanoid creatures. Some of these would put the Freddy´s Elm Street character to shame.

How about scientists guiding us to get out of our present mess?

They cannot be fully trusted either. At least not all of them. Truly enlightened individuals are a rare species in this world.

Apart from the worthy ones, some who have invented wonderful things (e.g., anesthesia and antibiotics) or those who are worried about the state of the Biosphere and raise their voice but whose words too often go unheard or thrown into the neglect trash can, there are some maniac Frankensteins with lots of multinational clout prowling around in the academic world too.

Some of these science maniacs have produced nukes and nasty chemical and biological weapons, amongst other "lab monsters".

Without knowing any future effects, scientists along with megaindustrialists have already let the nanogenie out. 

We are now being exposed to man-made nanoparticles, put in foods, medicines, water, etc., and nobody really knows what the fuck these nanothings will do to humans and nonhumans, or any citizen of this world in the future.

Some experts are already warning that nanotubes out there in the environment could make DDT look like children´s play.

With so much nanocrap and megacrap of all sorts going around, in the soil, water and air, we will probably become aliens in the future, if we have any at all.

There is no doubt that what is bad now will be worse in the future and whatever good there is, it is always present one way or another to balance things out, let us hope it is even much better.   

But in this game of looking into the crystal ball to predict the unpredictable future, anybody could be right or wrong. 

Even so, there are many bureaucrats and experts who live off writing tonnes of papers, playing hocus-pocus with these matters.

The only ones who may have a faint idea of what might happen, when they pull this and that string hoping to achieve what they wish for their secret agenda, are those hidden from the public´s eyes, the ones who play with social engineering on this planet, without showing a bit of intelligence, considering the decrepit state of things at the present time.

So, if we really want 2030 be a better world, we must start improving ourselves spiritually, each of us. Right now. That is one good way out. 

The future is already here. It starts with simple acts like watching what we eat, shop or do for others (human and nonhuman) and the environment.

On these matters, some religious and philosophical precepts - "you shall not kill, you shall not steal, do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself, etc." - cannot be neglected, set aside or thrown away as useless things of the past. They can be indeed useful as guiding marks in a society gone berserk.

Anyway, let us see what the experts at predicting mankind´s future have to tell us. Here are some words:

"The world of 2030 will be radically transformed from our world today. By 2030, no country—whether the US, China, or any other large country—will be a hegemonic power. The empowerment of individuals and diffusion of power among states and from states to informal networks will have a dramatic impact, largely reversing the historic rise of the West since 1750, restoring Asia’s weight in the global economy, and ushering in a new era of “democratization” at the international and domestic level. In addition to individual empowerment and the diffusion of state power, we believe that two other megatrends will shape our world out to 2030: demographic patterns, especially rapid aging; and growing resource demands which, in the cases of food and water, might lead to scarcities. These trends, which are virtually certain, exist today, but during the next 15-20 years they will gain much greater momentum. Underpinning the megatrends are tectonic shifts—critical changes to key features of our global environment that will affect how the world “works” (see table on page v)." [Global Trends 2030]

Read the full document:  

Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds. A publication of the National Intelligence Council.

Click HERE

The key to the future is inside you: We are a link in the crystal ball

The year 2030 is around the corner. Whether or not any of us will be alive by then is something nobody can be sure of. 

In this life, nothing is secure but passing away, kicking the bucket. Back to the stars.

We are fleeting crystallised dreams, sprouted from the past. And in the future, we will be part of the world of phantoms that once walked upon the face of this Earth. We will be scattered or recycled atoms who knows in what forms. 

Nevertheless, all earthlings are bridges. We are a link in the crystal ball.

In the grand scheme of life, each of us earthlings has a key to the future. Each of us is a link to the future, as is to the past.

Thus, we must work and do our interior sweeping as if there was no tomorrow. Each of us. For a better world. For everybody.

We all must nurture that often neglected flicker of Light lying deep in our hearts. We must bring it into full expansion.

Are you working on this? We are. 

Have a good day! All of you out there!


Marijnissen J. C. M. & Gradoń L. (Eds.) (2010). Nanoparticles in Medicine and Environment: Inhalation and Health Effects. Springer, New York, NY, USA. 287 p.

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