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Source: AvaxHome.

In 1993, Soraida Salwala opened the World’s First Asian Elephant Hospital. Located in the MaeYao National Reserve of Lampang, Thailand, Friends of Asian Elephant (FAE) is a 200-acre facility that includes elephant infirmaries, an operating area and a nursery for baby elephants. FAE’s Elephant Hospital is a non-government organization funded through donations. They provide free care to the elephants at the hospital and provide room and board for their mahouts (keepers) during the elephant’s stay. [The Eyes of Thailand]

The Eyes of Thailand ( DVA Productions, 2012)

Tells the true story of one woman's quest to help two elephant landmine survivors-Motala and Baby Mosha-walk on their own four legs.[AvaxHome]

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How to help elephants: 

If you want to help Soraida Salwala continue helping elephants at the World’s First Asian Elephant Hospital (Friends of Asian Elephant,FAE) in the MaeYao National Reserve of Lampang, Thailand , please go HERE.

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