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By Gundhramns Hammer
January 15, 2014

July 7, 2012 was a historical date to remember as far as the issue of animal consciousness is concerned. A group of scientists gathered at Cambridge University to commemorate Francis Crick and his work made the famous Declaration on Coinsciousness. 

They came to the conclusion and made the profound statement that animals have a consciousness much like we humans do.

Considering that we are in the midst of an ecological crisis, although many people still do not see it or accep it, it is very important to keep this Declaration in mind, for we are living in, as Dr. Sreven Best says, an age of "Animal Holocaust". We are living "among ruins, we inhabit a graveyard, an apocalyptic wasteland strewn with corpses, carrion, and zombies."

And according to the best ecology experts, if we continue on the meat highway there is no hope for the human species. 

More and more people in the so called "developing nations" are getting on a diet high in animal protein from industrial farms, which are basically animal concentration camps

And as a result, more and more natural resources (cereals, grains, fish meal, water, etc.) are being pumped into these energy sucking farms to produce the meat that the new consumers are demanding and consequently straining and putting pressure on Earth´s ecosystems.

Meat eating - feeding on livestock - has too much impact, too much destructiveness, too much pressure on the environment: A "long shadow"

Soon, if we keep up the present rate of consumption, we will need the equivalent of at least 5 Earths to support this squandering life style. 

It is obvious that the present system has got to go.

The only way out for the humans living now on this planet with finite resources is to go vegan, according to these experts. We concur.

Here is the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness:


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