miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013


March 13, 2013

There are hundreds of books that deal with this business of what makes us human. Philosophers, biologists, zoologists, psychologists and many other specialists have written about this subject. 

The idea is always to put man above the animal kingdom as if looking for an excuse to fuck up the rest of creation. And they certainly do find the excuses, for as Buddha said "The world we see is our own fantasy".

Whatever they come up with, they are wrong. 

This is what make us human


Human, from Latin homo, derived from PIE, dhgem = dung, shit, earth , without spirit or soul. Therefore, a human has no soul, is a piece of dung. Man is a golem.

Animal, from Latin animus = soul, life, spirit, derived from PIE root ane = to breathe, to blow. Therefore, an animal is a spirited, soulful being. An animal is a sentient being with a soul.

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