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By Hugo M. G. von Österreich und von Toskana
March 18, 2013

An oyster needs very little to live. Can a human be like an oyster? Most people with no interior depth at all would say no. No, because a human is not an oyster. But nevertheless a human could be like an oyster if he could find his interior pearl. 

It really is all a matter of perspective. We can learn a lot from a humble oyster, for an oyster is one with Earth.

A single humble oyster is an entire civilisation. A civilisation of organised atoms and molecules dancing in harmony with the power of the spark of life.

The sickness of richness

A man, especially a hungry rich man with hunger for power, is a vast camp of hungry men desiring to eat oysters, real oysters and imaginary oysters. He suffers from the sickness of richness.

Real oysters can satisfy a normal man´s hunger but imaginary oysters can never fill up a man´s sack. 

A rich man´s hunger for power is endless. He is ever hungry for imaginary oysters of power. He is never satisfied because his hunger is not for real oysters. He instead craves for their shadows, and these that can never satisfy his bottomless hunger. He is a prisoner of his imaginary oysters.

Unless any man disposes of his imaginary hunger for power, he can never be like an oyster. Any man can be contained in an oyster, an oyster of self-knowledge. 

Only if a man gets rid of his hunger for power, he can then become one with a humble oyster and thus one with the Oyster of the Universe. 

He will then come to peace with himself and the world around him and therefore he will never be hungry for imaginary oysters that do not fill his empty shell. 

He will then need less, just enough to live in harmony inside and outside of himself. This is the lesson of the humble oyster. 

Nature could then be safe from his abuses, poisoning, butchering and slaughtering above and below.

Rich people could be like a humble oyster if only they were hungry for real oysters. But they cannot become an oyster with the oyster because they are hungry for oysters that are not oysters. They long all the time for oysters of power. 

Indeed it is easier for an oyster to open its shells than a rich man opening his chest to the real oyster of life, the one that makes you feel rich just with one real oyster.

The following list (Table 1) shows the largest land grabbers on planet Earth. People who do not feel rich just with one real oyster:  

Table 1. Persons or corporations who own the world. Source: The New Statesman. An acre is 40% of a hectare.

For these people just one real oyster is never enough. They must have all the world´s oysters. They steal from the needs of all of the ones that also have needs.

In their quest for more and more imaginary oysters of power, they have unfolded and cast a giant net of businesses and enterprises just to toss imaginary oysters for all of those people around the world who are also looking for imaginary oysters and thus as a whole they have set up in motion a monster that is devouring entire ecosystems and spitting sickness and death.

Man (Homo insapiens) has put at risk the Biosphere that sustains his own life. 

A humble oyster does not do this. It is one with Earth. 

Can you become like a humble Oyster?


Rothkopf D. (2008). Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, NY, USA. 376 p.

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