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Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Source: Amazing Places on Our Planet.

By Gundhramn Hammer
June 3, 2018

Computogenic tourism, travelling without leaving home via a personal computer, although not yet sustainable, for we have to take into account the coltan plus other minerals (gold, copper, etc.) and plastics that went into the construction of the PCs, the damn environmental damage done by damming the river or the mining of coal and uranium for power production, etc., compared to others, is perhaps one of the most sustainable ways of going somewhere. 

No airplanes, no passports needed, no vehicles, no hotels, etc. The persons who took on the job of doing the filming had to go through with all of these things. Moreover, they had to pay all the bills from the travelling and lodging expenses. 

In other words, they did all the unsustainable things for all of us, so that we can go wherever they went to do the filming in a way more sustainably but yet still unsustainable, for there is not such a thing as sustainable for anyone who has a modern standard of living. 

The Iluminati idea of sustainability is an ingenious but fake merry-go-round to keep modern consumers going around and around the present economical merry-go-round, thinking that they are not going around what is supposed to be wasting around.

Nevertheless, we ought to be thankful to anyone who has done a good video of travelling.

And The Beauty of Our Planet Without Words: Amazing Places of Our Planet is unquestionably one of the best places to do some computogenic tourism on the WWW.

So, join us in an exciting virtual trip to Africa. Exactly to the Rwenzori mountains, located on the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. 

Let us do some computogenic hiking in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, a Ugandan national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site (Video 1):

Video 1. Rwenzori: Mountains of the Moon, Uganda. Uploaded by Amazing Places on Our Planet.

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