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By Gundhramn Hammer & Yudit E. Ruiz Sánchez
October 30, 2017


Using cunning state-of-the-art manipulating techniques in what is known as democracyto round up the public´s vote, the masters choose who is going to protect them and further their economic agendas and goals. This way politicians do what the masters tell them to do. So what the politicians do, they do it with the help of other carefully chosen people who are willing to watch not only the back of the chosen one, but also the backs of the chosen ones. It is a merry-go-round to get around straight down to what the members of the oligarchy want to get done for their own economical gain without risking their necks.  
Thus when the number one chooses to whom he chooses, he chooses to whom he chooses amongst those he must choose otherwise he may not please the chosen ones. 

It is a matter of choosing to do what the chosen ones want him to do so that the chosen ones get to do what they want to do without any interference from those that have nothing to do with the chosen ones but have chosen the one who chooses from the chosen ones a few to do what the chosen ones want him to do.

The whole thing boils down to what we call americanomics

So the purpose of this article is to define this global economic tendency. It is a tag for old bones taken to another cemetery.

Definition of americanomics

We define americanomics as any human endeavour that has to do with economics where a few powerful people sitting at the top of a power pyramid (Fig. 1) play with your economics to build their own economics but without your having to decide anything about the elite´s economics, in a master game in which nevertheless the oligarquical class needs and must have your economics for their own economics, otherwise they can have no economics. A process which directly or indirectly always results in deterioration, contamination, damage or destruction of the natural environment along with its inhabitants. In a nutshell, the global elite must harvest your economics for their own economics. No people´s economics, no elite´s economics. All in all, it is man´s economics causing environmental übermess globally.


Figure 1. Power pyramid. Source: Power-Pyramid-Adam-Dodson, by Arlen Williams, via Gulag Bound.

Environmental impact of americanomics

After WWII, roughly or smoothly surfing on the industrial revolution wave that had bewitched the entire world, americanomics has been the chief global economic model to follow after, mimic or imitate by anyone or any nation in the world that is after the Holy Grail of "economic development" (i.e., environmental contamination & intoxication) and the driving force behind the consumer-driven economic machinery that is literally sucking the life out of and destroying the Earth´s Biosphere.

The impact of americanomics is everywhere to be felt and to be seen. Worldwide from pole to pole

For example, in a study of 20 marine ecosystems around the world in 2008, "no area is unaffected by human influence and that a large fraction (41%) is strongly affected by multiple drivers" (Halpern et al.,2008).

And so on and so forth. 

Today, no corner of Mother Earth is free from some kind of americanomics.

The next targets will be the Moon, Mars and then the asteroids and after beyond. At least this is what people who suck off the space industry are hoping for.

What it takes to do some americanomics 

If you want to tango under the americanomics tune, all you have to do is to get some individuals who are keen on business, charming when skimming the scheme but mean under the skin, environmentally careless meddling, and overflowing with a fathomless ambition and a powerful glue to keep them working only for their next of kin´s skin.

Knock on this door (here) to find out what it takes to do some heavy duty americanomics in the United States. 

All of this is done on a planet that is ecologically falling apart due to man´s moronic economics pitched against Mother Earth´s economics which neither follows nor heeds any of man´s grand schemes when chasing his anti-biospherical economical dreams.

Nowadays, almost everyone on the planet is under some sort of americanomical hood.

Mon Capitaine, it is easy to see what our dear americanomics is doing to the environment worldwide. We humans have turned the entire planet into an environmental "despije" (Sp., Hond., El Salv: desorden) (Levá, 2016: 91). A planetary dump.

Oui, mon ami. When it comes to really taking care of the world´s environment, the human species is a damn dumb.

Anyway, mon ami, let us take just an extreme example of americanomics in the Northern Hemisphere: Alberta´s tar sands in Canada (Video 1): 

Video 1. Petropolis: Aerial perspectives of the alberta tar sands. Uploaded by Tibor Roussou.

Mon Capitaine, what a mess!

Until man (Primates: Hominidae: Homo sapiens) finds a solution for his grand delusions, this is one of those necessary evils for his oil-driven unsustainable civilisation, mon ami. 

In the meantime, he keeps talking about "sustainability" and ferociously oiling his mouth and butt. And pooping galore his own nest (see Tammemagi, 1999).

And one day man hopes to crap on another planet. For example on Mars!

Mon dieu!! 


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Tammemagi H. (1999). The Waste Crisis: Landfills, Incinerators, and the Search for a Sustainable Future. Oxford University Press, New York, NY, USA. 279 pp.

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