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Source: friends of the earth.

By Gundhrams Hammer, PhD
December 3, 2015

It is estimated that dinosaurs ruled over the Earth for 135 million years. If they had ever been as filthy as we humans (Homo "sapiens") are today, dinosaurs would have been buried in their own dung not so long after they got started.

Our species has just started its sojourn and we are already fucking up the whole planet. We are filling it up with all kinds of shit!

And those who profit from it the most, keep telling us we are in the midst of a very special time. 

Moreover, they are also telling us that we are now "sustainable"!


How "sustainable"?

Like this (Video 1)!

Video 1. A look at deforestation in Sumatra. Uploaded by AP Archive.

True plus not-true does not make untrue but untrue plus untrue makes a pile of BS: a dangerous eco-lie.

Anyway, where are we at now? The Anthropocene?


Where at?

No less that at our own glorious big time: The Anthropobscene Age!

And by the way, it is quite shitty and destructive!

Ecce some examples of the classical Anthropobscene Age (Videos 2-5). 

Video 2. Garbage trucks at the dump. Part 1. Uploaded by Trash "N" Trash Productions.

Video 3. Garbage trucks at the dump. Part 2. Uploaded by Trash "N" Trash Productions.

Video 4. Staten Island garbage dumps. Part 1. Uploaded by NYCDeptofRecords.

Video 5. Staten Island garbage dumps. Part 2. Uploaded by NYCDeptofRecords.

More of the same .... To keep riding on the tide of our own fancy eco-lies (Video 6):

Video 6. Canada: Tar sands devastation and native healing prayer. Uploaded by thehhammer.

And more and more eco-obscenities, until one day, the dangerous eco-lies of our own making finally catch up with us and Mother Nature tell us: go, get eco-laid once and for all.... Join the labyrinthodonts, you naked apes!!!

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