martes, 26 de agosto de 2014


By Dr. H. M. G. von Österreich und von Toskana
August 27, 2014
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It was 5:30 in the morning at the foot of the Alps. I still could see the shining stars flickering over my head. Practically everyone was sleeping at that time.

Although there were already some people going somewhere in their cars, perhaps thinking of the long day they had ahead, thinking about problems or thrillings they had had, these humans were still quite asleep even when they were having daydreams.

Everyone was asleep on the land. Enlightenment was still too far away for most people to perceive its sweet perfume. How sad!

No one had noticed the little flower that was on the side of the road waiting for the Sun to come up.

It was a flower but it was not just any flower. This one was very special. It was a teacher of life.

This flower has perfume. This flower has the power to attract all of the bees and other insects that enjoy the sweetness of its nectar. 

And its nectar was already waiting for these hard-working insects today.

Today was unusually special. I had recaptured once again the smell of magic to all of its length and strength. That magic that is taken away by the cultivation of the intellect as it is today.

Do we not live in a magical world? Is it not magic how the fruit ripens on a tree?

Although my advanced schooling and all of the science that has passed through my hands has told me to the last drop that the ripening of a fruit is just a matter of air molecules, plant hormones, water, minerals and physiology, I still consider this phenomenon a true miracle of life.

This is the other perfume given off by the sweetness of life.

Is it not life also a flower even when many a times it makes us cry or  wallow in pain?

The right now of this very moment in this land was as magical as the flower on the side of the road. It soaked all of my bones.

It was a feeling that brought me to sense the flower´s kind efforts to reach the star that shines upon all life on this beautiful planet we call Earth.

That sense of a dream that makes you experience life to the last drop.

My dream was still a living thing. I could experience the sweetness of this special flower as it was exposing itself to life.

The flower looked extremely fragile. But I wondered if its fragility was only an illusion of my mind.

And it was!

Are we not - the flower and I - both long histories of the perfume of life?

Although the flower and I looked fragile we both are strong links of the force of life.

For now, we both are here experiencing a brief moment along the chain of life.

The flower´s lineage is older than mine. That´s is a fact. At least this is what all of the scientific knowledge we have gathered so far tells us. 

And I fully and completely agree to that.

This in the reason why today I am dedicating a whole day of my life to appreciate all of its beauty before it goes away.

Tomorrow this flower might not be where it is today. Neither could I.

And now we are both the flower and I waiting for the Sun to rise.

It is a dream. One of those dreams worth dreaming.

The flower and I are two kinds of perfumes emanating from Mother Earth.

I do indeed know the inmensity of this special flower. All this feeling will stay with me to the end of my life.

This is what we all must experience to avoid behaving so callously uncaring upon this miraculous Earth that has given us birth. 

Earth is magic! How can we forget that?

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