domingo, 29 de diciembre de 2013


Source: Dragons Den Stables.

By Gundhramns Hammer
December 29, 2013

It does not matter where it is living or nonliving. Use it and throw it away. This is the "philosophy" of millions of people around the world nowadays. The present day economy thrives on this.

The sad thing is that people are so used to seeing violent scenes in the media or real life, in some cases, they have become immune to someone else´s suffering.

It also depends on what kind of parent´s programming people received when they were children. 

Nasty things may be occurring around you, in your own backyard or neighbourhood and you will not react or pay attention to them. 

And if you do by any chance, you will not care unless something you do not like comes knocking at your front door, is thrown straight at you or touches someone you care about.

Most people function as programmed biological robots, without ever questioning anything in their lives. 

And there a lot of things we humans do which need to be questioned. Here is an example:

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