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Source: Global Gallery.

November 14, 2013

Disconnecting the connected is simple, anybody can do it. But reconnecting what or who he has just disconnected to connect it back with the Grand Connection that connects everything upon Earth is beyond man´s power. Man taketh life away but he canst not giveth.

Man is nothing but a piece of the Grand Connection. He has strayed from the Mother of all connections. He thinks of himself disconnected from the connected. He has become haughty and goes around kicking and destroying anything connected.

He acts disconnected when he should act connected and acts connected when he should act disconnected, even though there is no connection disconnected. To connect or not connect when he should connect or disconnect is his dilema. 

From his reconnection with the Grand Connection depends whether he will continue connected to the Connected or be disconnected out of the Connected in the future.

To find his reconnection, he must go back at the beginning, a place where there a piece of his own beginning with the connection of all connections. 

If he can find the right one and reconnect it with the Grand Connection he might see where he is connected or disconnected and chose between the two: To connect the disconnected and disconnect anything that puts him outside the connected. Only then he will be able to distinguish when he should go and when he should stop. 

And his search for the Grand Connection should start at the table (Video 1), for he is the only beast upon this planet that thrives disconnecting the Connected on a gigantic scale, living off a massive disconnection to become even more disconnected, a sickened creature crawling aimlessly upon the Earth:

                                       Video 1. Massive disconnection for more disconnection.

No creature can ever survive disconnecting without connecting. Here is where we all humans have failed. 

Finding our reconnection with the Grand Connection must be our goal.

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