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Source: Global Times.

By Gundhramns Hammer
October 15, 2013
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Modern Western meat connoisseurs will tell you that bear meat is neither tasty nor flavourful. But their Cro-magnons and Neanderthals ancestors would think otherwise. It is believed that these primitive folks relished this meat.  

Since at that time there was no number 911 to call for medical assistance, nobody knows how many Pleistocene humans got sick and died after eating a roasted bear liver in the distant European bush.

On the other hand, a lot of Chinese folks still conserve the Pleistocene taste for bear meat. 

These people go to extravagant ends such as diving into the smuggling world to get a chunk of a poor bear that fell under the hands of a fucking poacher.

And there are too many fucking poachers in the world. These demons, destroyers of wildlife, make a living killing and smuggling body parts and skins of endangered wildlife. 

And these unscrupulous people have a keen nose to spot the money scent wherever the secret consumers of smuggled wildlife might be to cater them, not only in their own backyards but also around the world. 

The smuggler´s nose is telescopic, capable of smelling the black market around the world. He is part an intricate global mafia that works efficiently to profit, functioning with the precision of a Swiss watch. Thereby making it difficult for any authority to disband these mafias.

So, if bear meat is not tasty, according to viande gourmets, we may ask:

Why do some Chinese still relish this meat? 

There are a few reasons why Chinese dine on bear body parts, especially paws and gall bladder. All of them are intertwined and intrinsically mixed in the Chinese cultural soup:
  • Tradition and fashion
  • Metaphysical 
  • Status and power seeking
  • Medicine

If we use the anthropological microscope to analise this taste for exotic meats, it seems that bear eating is still done by some Chinese people because it is not only a habit derived from tradition, or we should rather say a habit stemming from cultural programmes since man is a programmable biological computer, passed from generation after generation from forgotten times but also because Chinese are also after some sort of spirituality that would connect them with the mysterious past.

In short, bear eating in China is immersed in metaphysical reasons whose meaning may be traced to Ice Age times.

Modern Chinese bear eaters, like their Pleistocene counterparts, are trying to capture an elusive essence from the spiritual realm through the bear. 

But most people would agree that there is nothing spiritual about shooting the brains out of an animal and cutting it into pieces destined for the black market.

By eating a bear, especially its paws, Chinese hope to benefit from the fierceness and power of the bear. They are trying to evoke the power of the bear, to make it flow into their veins.

We must remember that ancient China´s legendary ruler, Yu the Great or Da Yu (Fig. 1), who supposedly lived between c. 2200 - 2100 BC, was a very powerful man. This emperor is revered by Chinese.

Figure 1. Da Yu, the shapeshifter. Source: Wikipedia.

Da Yu was the third of the three sages kings, distinguished by his braveness and ability to kill dragons, demons or gods who did not obey his orders and govern other gods (Roberts, 2010; Yang & An, 2005). He is considered to be the Supreme God in the Chinese Pantheon.

And, according to Chinese legends, Da Yu also had one characteristic which would put him at par with the famous reptilian extraterrestrials found in David Icke´s books

Some exopolitics experts would even consider that Da Yu was really one of these reptiloid ETs that came to Earth and landed in Asia and founded China´s first ruling caste: The Xia Dynasty.

But what does Da Yu have in common with David Icke´s reptilian masters of the Earth?

Both Da Yu and Icke´s reptilian ETs are shapeshifters.  

Da Yu  was able to transform himself into a bear. Any time he would get tired, he would become a bear and thus regain his strength to continue his work. And as soon as he felt strong, he would switch back to being a man and beat the hell of a drum so that his faithful wife Nü Jiao would bring him his dragon meat hamburger.

Thus, Chinese being so tuned and tied to family chains and brained washed to idolise the past, amongst the many cultural traps used by any elite to control masses of human sheep (Homo insapiens), it is not surprising to find that there are still a lot of China´s denizens that are into evoking Da Yu´s spirit and mystical power every time they consume bear meat. 

They eat bear meat expecting to become as powerful, successful and brave as Da Yu, the shapeshifter. 

It is a matter of tapping and perhaps grasping some control of the forces that rule any man´s destiny. 

In this sense, the culture of bear eating as practised by some Chinese nowadays would be no different than going into a cave to do some animal painting as primitive humans did 40.000 years ago in the Mediterranean region.

Moreover, if you are one of those creeps who are into the illegal of the illegalities of eating meat of endangered bears, perhaps you are also expecting to jump to the stars as David Icke´s reptilian world masters are able to do inside their sophisticated space ships.

According to Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, Marici is a deva or bodhisattva associated with light and the Sun. 

We are talking about one of the Twenty (or Twenty Four) Celestials: Marici, the Dipper Mother, the Ursa Major, the goddess Doumu Yuanjun in Chinese lore.

On this line of thought, the China History Forum (2008) had a post by Tangren who had come to a similar conclusion.

So, without being academically elaborate, when a Chinese gourmet sits at the table to gobble up a bear paw, he is expecting to kill four birds with a single stone.

First, there is the fulfillment of tradition and fashion. Doing things as an automaton, as a robot, without ever questioning the reasons behind his programmed habits.

Second, there is the metaphysical aspect of bear consumption. Chinese are evoking the power of Da Yu at the table.

The bear diner is also expecting to get in touch with the 9 stars of the Ursa Major, somehow to establish a close relationship with the sky deities. It is an attempt to become one with the goddess Doumu Yuanjun

From the scientific point of view, bear eating for metaphysical reasons is nothing but hocus pocus. It is hogwash. It is unnecessary.

Any person truly spiritual knows that there is no need to kill and eat a bear to enter into the beyond-the-senses realm. 

To ride the peacefulness of the wave of infinity, what you need is only a quiet brain, to be in a state of no-thought. A peaceful mind like a rippleless pool is enough to achieve this.

A third would be the traditional medicine aspect. But from the scientific perspective, bear paws are not an elixir of eternal life. Beans are better to prolong a bit longer a man´s sojourn on the face of the Earth.

And four, from the Chinese point of view, bear paw eating boils down to power. 

Power to overcome the power of anyone without as much power as the power they expect to get when they take away the power of the poor bear that was shot dead to evoke the power that some people who have power have to power an economy that craves only power.

To power man´s greatest sickness: The quest for power. 
The same quest that may eventually send man with the labyrinthodonts, to swim eternally in the pool of extinction.

Bear smuggling

Although the commerce of bear parts is banned, according to China's animal protection regulations, this illegal business is on the rise due to the consumerism of the new middle class. 

Bear eating has been revived by the new rich searching grandeur and status in the eyes of their fellow beings.

It is known that bear paws have been in the imperial menu since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is also known that people at lower levels in any human society tend to imitate the habits of those above them. 

After all, man´s world is a pecking order thoroughly soaked with social chamaelonism or mimicking.

Therefore, we would expect  social mimicking in present day Chinese society. 

So that any time a middle class parvenu from the XXI century is eating bear paws, at the same time he is hoping to immediately rise to the level of kings and emperors, at least in the imagination and eyes of his companions at the table. 

And indeed this is what is now occurring in China. Dining bear paws is back as a status symbol. Dining smuggled bear paws is a way to shapeshift into a god.

Bears (Mills & Servheen, 1994), rhinos and tigers (Ellis, 2005) and countless other animals illegally trafficked from all corners of the world are being shoved into the conveyor belts leading to China´s hell cuisine and traditional medicine.
Recently, two Russians were arrested for smuggling bear paws from their country into China. 

Customs officials at Manzhouli, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, discovered a gruesome load of 213 wild bear paws that had been hidden in a vehicle by two Russian men. It is the biggest seizure of smuggled paws ever made by Chinese customs (Video 1).

                                            Video 1. Bear paw smuggling from Russia into China.

Right now, China stands alone as the biggest market for illegal animal trading. Should this trend continue unabated, soon there will not be any tigers, elephants, rhinos or other animals left out in the wild whose function in the maintenance of the Biosphere are only beginning to be understood by scientists.

Each species on planet Earth plays an important role in maintaining the Biospheric Fabric, so we cannot afford to go around exterminating any animal or plant just to satisfy our whims. 

As people of the merging economies increase their spending on stuff that eventually becomes garbage to be taken to the city dump, there will be more and more pressure on Earth´s ecosystems. 

And as more wood is thrown into the fire of the consumption cauldron, the pressure from all of the human beings leading a squandering lifestyle will become so great that mankind will eventually shapeshift into a fossil.

Some scientists foresee that this shapeshifting into a fossil to accompany the dinosaurs is just around the corner.

Thus, is it that difficult for man to learn to truly love and respect his mother´s mother, i.e., Mother Nature?

To love Her or not to love Her... Ecce man´s biggest task.


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