domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013


We, the Migratory Birds, your brethren on this planet you call Earth, need your help. 

Each Autumn we take our migratory journey from Europe to Africa and along the way there are some of your kind that kill us by the thousands

Our children who were born this past Spring in Europe are flying with us for the first time this year and we are afraid they will get caught in the traps set by humans in Egypt, Malta and other places.

We, the Migratory Birds, appeal to you through this blog and Gundhramns Hammer (E-rastrillo) for your help.

We have figured that if all of the visitors who come to these blogs would sign the Petition underneath, your pressure on the callous humans behind your governments would do something to ease the peril of our annual journey. We would be eternally grateful to you!

So the choice is yours. But do remember, should we, the Migratory Birds, ever disappear from the face of this planet, the responsability would fall on your shoulders. 

Now it is the time to do something. Tomorrow might be too late.

This is your chance to make this world a better place for all of us who inhabit this beautiful planet, the one we are happy to sing to every Spring.

Please, sign the petition/Bitte, unterzeichnen Sie die Petition: HERE/ HIER.

Eternally thankful to you.

May your passage on this Earth be long and wonderful!

Your brethren,

The Migratory Birds

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